10 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

1/08/23 2:37 PM

Birthdays are a great way to celebrate those we adore most! Here in our office at Parnell Living Science, many of us on the team have summer birthdays and we’ve been enjoying celebrating all month in the office. All this birthday fun got us reminiscing about how we celebrate our beloved dogs during their birthday. Whether throwing a dog-themed birthday or celebrating your dog’s birthday, here are some ideas you can use to spoil those you love, dogs or humans, or even both!  

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  1. Simple approach: Pamper your Pooch

If you want your dog to feel special, pamper them and make know how special they are. Just wake up and start with lots of praise, petting, a take your fur-baby for a brisk walk outside to give them their fill of good scents to smell.  You can go a step further and buy them a special treat. Take plenty of photos and post it on your favorite social media.

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  1. Host a Dog Party

You can amp it up a bit and make it a festive occasion! Whether it be for your own pet, or yourself, dog parties are a great way to celebrate. This is where you invite your friends, and their dogs, to enjoy the festivities. Lots of good smells with this option! Luna, a silver Labrador to a fellow Parnellian had her 2nd birthday with a big dog party! Photos at Luna's birthday party with her doggie cousins was a challenge, but fun, nonetheless. 

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  1. Host a Dog-Themed Party

Because we are dog lovers, a dog-themed party is a perfect way to celebrate any birthday. If you don’t know your dog’s exact birth date because they were adopted, throw in your dog’s birthday with a special treat for them to eat too. This year is the perfect year for a pet-themed party with the arrival of “The Secret Life of Pets 2” arriving in theatres this summer. A few items from the store and you have yourself a party! Or make your own, like this doggie cake below. This is one of our family's favorite cakes, which featured a picture all of our "doggie cousins" for a birthday. 

Dog themed birthday cake

  1. Dog Party Hollywood-style

Is your dog one that pays attention to the television when there is a dog? Here is a hilarious videos of dogs watching television. Mine never did. But it never stopped me from watching a great movie with dogs in it! “Dogs vs. Cats” was one of our favorites. Check your favorite streaming app for the best dog or cat movies you have available! 



  1. Find a Special Toy

Take your dog to the local pet store like the pet parent of this Golden Retriever did. It’s so cute! While this wouldn’t work for my beagle, she’d be everywhere sniffing other dogs, people, trying to get into the dog food… It does seem to work for a non-hound breed like this Golden Retriever.



  1. Bake a Special Treat

If you feel like cooking, your dog is a willing participant of tasty foods from your kitchen. Be sure to find dog-friendly recipes or take them to your favorite local “barkery” restaurant and pick up something special to take photos during the fun.

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  1. Take your dog shopping

When people want to take their dogs shopping, most will think of taking them to pet stores. Did you know there were several other stores that allow pets? Huffington Post wrote about pet-friendly stores which allow your dog to enter. They say it’s always good to call ahead, as some stores may vary depending on the manager.

  1. Get a new Pet Item for the house

Some things are not considered gifts when you receive them. But they are needed and still a thoughtful gift. I’d put a new vacuum cleaner or toaster on that list. That’s not a gift for me, but something the whole family will enjoy. The same goes with a new dog leash, collar or bed for your dog. If your dog needs something, this is the time to get it.

  1. Drive through treat

There are several drive-in restaurants that offer your dog something free of charge. We frequent our favorite ice cream restaurant and get a “pup cup” for our dog. They get to enjoy themselves with us!

  1. Play their favorite game

Is it fetch with a ball or toy? Is it taking a run or walk somewhere? Is it hide and go seek? Whatever your dog likes to do, do it on their special day!

What do you do to celebrate your dog’s birthdays? Let us know on our Facebook page! Be sure to "like us" once you are there!

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