Glyde Brings the Pep Back to Peppa

30/7/19, 11:55 am

Here’s a great story from Darcie about her fur-baby, Peppa Prince. Peppa is a beautiful Border Collie. These type of dogs are known to be fantastic, active dogs. Unfortunately, Peppa’s activity was declining. Darcie expected this as part of the aging process. But actually, it was arthritis slowing her dog down. Then she discovered Glyde® Mobility Chews and has been very excited to see Peppa pep up more once she added this powerful joint supplement to Peppa's diet. Now, things have been going much better for this family. We were excited to get this feedback about Peppa the #GlydeDog!


Learn about Arthritis in Dogs


Here's what Darcie said: 

I tried the Glyde Chews for Dogs for my 9-year-old Border Collie, Peppa. She has been ridden with hip dysplasia since she was about 6 years of age. I had noticed her decline in mobility since then. I’ve now been through a jar of the 120 chews and notice a HUGE difference in Peppa’s mobility. She not only limps a significant amount less, she even manages to jump up of the bed and into the car herself, which she hasn’t been able to do for over a year now! Normally, Peppa is very picky when it comes to medicated chews but she absolutely loves these and looks forward to her little treat every morning!”


—  Darcie


If you notice your dog is slowing down, you may want to ask yourself: Is my dog aging? Or could it be arthritis? Take the quiz to find out!


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