Glyde Helps Spoodle Do More

21/01/20 2:36 PM

Here is a story submitted by Colleen about her “Spoodle,” Lilly. So often, we do not realise something is working well until we stop using it and we see how it was before. This is the case with Colleen and her dog. It wasn’t until she ran out and forgot to replenish her Glyde™ Mobility Chews, she realised how well Lilly was doing with the help of Glyde.

Now, she won’t make this mistake again. Here’s the story about Lilly the #GlydeDog!

Spoodle AU

"I tried Glyde chews for my 14-year-old Spoodle for 2 months to help with arthritis pain and joint discomfort. I did not realise the difference it had made to her until about a month after we stopped using them.

I had't realised how much longer our daily walks had become. When we were not using Glyde, she was less enthusiastic to play ball. I had forgotten how hard going up and down the stairs is for her.

When we started using Glyde again, she could easily walk 2 kilometers on the beach and run up the stairs. She even kept up with our much younger dog.

We will definitely be keeping her on the Glyde chews.”

— Colleen


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