Happy January Walk Your Dog Month

12/01/21 4:22 PM

Many of us have New Year's resolutions that include getting more exercise and movement. Here is a reason to accomplish that goal: January is National Walk Your Dog Month! This means it is time to get out the door and walk the dog, no matter the temperature outside! 

There are so many different reasons to choose this month as Walk Your Dog Month. Unfortunately, many people suffer from post-holiday blues. May of us have come off the “holiday hangover” where we shop, eat and celebrate the holidays. Then in January, winter approaches and there are not as many reasons for celebration. This is the perfect opportunity to get out and exercise. We all know we have a very willing participant to go with us: the dog!

Amazingly, according to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, 56% of dogs are obese. In humans, there are many consequences for being obese including, lack of energy which means an increase in lethargy. The health consequences include sore and inflamed joints which means arthritis is setting in, as well as more serious health issues. The exact same is true for dogs!  

To combat these health issues, get back on track and enjoy Walk Your Dog Month!

6 ways to get out for Walk Your Dog Month

  1. Get out today. Sometimes we overthink where to go or when to start. Just walk out of your front door or choose an easy, walkable place to enjoy such as the dog park. Bundle up and head out, get some fresh air and maybe meet others doing the same thing!
  2. It's a leash training opportunity. Every dog should know how to behave on the leash. If you haven't gotten out with your dog in awhile, learning or re-learning how to be on the leash is a great skill for you both to master. Start now and by spring when more people are out, your dog will be ahead of the dog greeting game. 
  3. Start small. Begin with short walks and increase your distance. Commit to at least 20 or even 21 minutes a few times a day (think 2021!) and increase from there.  
  4. Consider when it's earlier. When walking outside during summer, try to walk early in the day. As the temperatures rise, this is always good to go out when it's cooler, especially for your dog with their fur coat on!
  5. Dress appropriately, consider hot pavement. If it is hot weather, dress cooler. However, your dog cannot, so try and give them a cooler sidewalk, grass or wet sand to be walking on. 
  6. Pick up, please! Remember to bring waste bags as you don't want to forget to clean up after your dog. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests committing to 30-minute walks every day to maintain good health. Start slow and work you way up. Then increase as you can. You will see tremendous health benefits for both you and your dog. And you may even meet some friends doing the same thing.

oh no: My Dog Doesn't Want to walk outside

f your dog is not interested in walking outside, there may be another issue. Possibly, they like the cool temperature inside better than the heat (yes, we spoil our dogs!). Or, they have a joint problem. One of the top dog health problems is arthritis in dogs. As joints age, they get stiff and sore, especially with extra activity. The good news is there are things you can do to help your dog. 

First, take our easy quiz to see how your dog by clicking on the red button link below:

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Other Resources

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Now get on out there, no matter the temperature! It’s a great time to celebrate January’s Walk Your Dog Month!


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