Sam Stays Active with Glyde

30/03/21 5:05 PM


Karen sent in this story about her adorable dog, Sam. It seems Sam had suffered from arthritis and it was slowing him down. It was not surprising as Sam was an older dog. Arthritis in dogs takes hold, usually after age 8. There will be 4 out of 5 dogs suffering from arthritis by the time they turn 8 years old. However, some dogs may have it much earlier. 

We were pleased to hear how Glyde® Mobility Chews helped Sam bounce back to being active again. We are pleased to hear how Sam has improved now that he is a #GlydeDog. Read more about their story. 

Sometimes, our dogs age and then they get less active. This is often because their joints may be bothering them more. A shocking fact about arthritis in dogs is often, our dogs get this painful joint disease earlier than expected. This is because dogs are so active in their younger years, the wear and tear on their joints happens until they start to feel the stress. Here's what we know: 

Arthritis in dogs


"Sam is an 11-year-old Koolie x Border Collie with bad arthritis in his hips and shoulders. He has always been a very active dog, but his activity level has been slowly declining over the last couple of years. He has been on Glyde chews for 8 weeks now and we have noticed a marked increase in his level of activity and comfort with movement. We think this is an excellent product."

— Karen, Koolie's Mum


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The good news is there is something you can do about arthritis in dogs. Just as Karen did, try Glyde Mobility Chews to see how it can help your dog. Because #GlydeDogs are #ActiveDogs! 

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