Walter Thinks Glyde is a Treat

13/04/21 5:29 PM

We were thrilled to receive this testimonial about Walter, a beautiful Chocolate Labrador. Morika is Walter’s mum and works at Greencross Veterinary Clinic in Australia. As a veterinary professional, Morika is very familiar with osteoarthritis in dogs, especially in Labrador retrievers. As a preventative measure, she is giving Glyde® Mobility Chews to her dog, Walter. We were glad to hear Walter is already a #GlydeDog!

Walter the Lab Loves Glyde!

Labrador Retrievers are so popular and there are many reasons why. They are very active dogs. Recently, Parnell wrote an in-depth article about Labrador Retrievers. If you have not read it, be sure to check it out now.

Here is how one Labrador Retriever's pet mum is working to beat the odds by using Glyde Mobility Chews as a preventative supplement to protect her dog's joints before the signs of arthritis set in. Here is what we learned about Walter. 

"Walter is a 4-year-old chocolate Labrador. This is the first time he has used Glyde. He is still quite young, and we are going to keep it as such by being proactive to protect his joints. Plus, he absolutely loves the taste of Glyde and even though he is a Labrador he is not ridiculously food obsessed. He won't willingly eat the popular beef-flavored tick treatment. We love that he thinks it's a treat!"


— Morika


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