Bear the Boxer [VIDEO]

July 9, 2019

We received this great story from Karen about her dog, Bear the Boxer. It seems that Boxers are known for having problems with arthritis. Mostly because they are a medium-sized dog and they have longer legs, putting more stress on their joints. We were glad to hear how Glyde™ Mobility Chews have made a difference in the lives of Karen and Bear. Read their story.

bear the boxer

“My gorgeous 7-year-old boxer Bear has had cruciate surgery on both hind legs. Bear also has quite bad arthritis and has been reluctant to jump up or climb the stairs. After a 1 month of Glyde chews he is running around like a puppy again ❤”

 - Karen

Here's the adorable video Karen sent us!

Testimonial Video  Bear the Boxer

Here is a staggering infographic: 

80-20-Dogs-Arthritis-CircleBear was only 7 when health issues began to rise. Be sure you know the facts. If you think your dog is having problems with mobility, find out more about arthritis in dogs



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