January is Walk Your Dog Month!

January 23, 2019

walking-with-dogHow are your New Year’s resolutions going? As we learned in the first blog of 2019, many of us make resolutions for improvements on ourselves. Most of us say the way to do that is to exercise more. Here’s a way to get us back on track, if we need to restart: Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month! Yes, amazingly, January is Walk Your Dog Month! Which means it is time to get out the door and walk the dog, no matter the temperature outside.

There are so many different reasons to choose this month as Walk Your Dog Month. Unfortunately, many people suffer from post-holiday blues. May of us have come off the “holiday hangover” where we shop, eat, celebrate with friends and family. Then in January, winter approaches for many of us and we don’t get out as much as we did before. This is the perfect opportunity to get out and exercise. We all know we have a very willing participant to go with us: the dog!

Amazingly, according to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, 56% of dogs in the United States are obese. In humans, there are many consequences for being obese including, lack of energy which means an increase in lethargy. The health consequences include sore and inflamed joints which means arthritis is setting in, as well as more serious health issues. The exact same is true for dogs!  

To combat these health issues, get back on track and enjoy Walk Your Dog Month! Here are some a few tips to keep in mind as you get outside with your beloved fur-baby:

  1. An easy walkable place to enjoy is the dog park. Bundle up and head out.
  2. When walking outside, try to walk in the daytime. As the days are shorter, this means the window is smaller. If you can’t get out when the sun is up, be sure to wear clothes that are reflective or brightly colored. Avoid black because many people simply can’t see you!
  3. Dress for the cold weather. You might wear warm coats and gloves. Your dog might need a warm jacket too! 

If you missed it, check out our cold weather tips blog to refresh you with ideas on keeping your pets safe when they are outside.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests committing to 30-minute walks every day to maintain good health. Start slow and work you way up. Then increase as you can. You will see tremendous health benefits for both you and your dog. And you may even meet some friends doing the same thing.

So you see: it’s a great time to celebrate January’s Walk Your Dog Month!


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