Top Christmas Gifts for Cats & Cat Lovers

November 28, 2018

Meow-y Christmas!For those of us proud cat parents, we know we will do some shopping for our beloved feline. No matter the cat personality your furry friend has, you want to make them happy and a good gift is just the way to do it. How many of us are purchasing gifts for our cats, you ask? According to American Pet Products Association (APPA), 39% of pet parents will buy for their cats this season. Need to know what to buy? Try some of these ideas!

Give gifts

This is the easy part – deciding to purchase a gift for that special feline is easy. It’s deciding what kind of cat Christmas presents to get as there are endless options made especially for our furry felines. Here are some ideas from the cat experts we follow:

Give to Charity

It seems there is so much gift-giving this time of year that you may want to take the opportunity to give to your favorite charity. If you feel that there is enough shopping to do and would prefer giving to others or doing something in your cat’s honor, there are a variety of charitable things you can do. According to the ASPCA, 6.5 million animals enter the U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.2 million are cats. Many organizations are working to change this. Here’s how you can help, and give a Christmas gift for cats nationwide:

Meowy Christmas. Cat!

Give Good Health

The gift of good health is a way to get many cats moving and being more active. If you would like some ideas on how to keep your kitty in great health, here are some ideas:

Another gift to add to the good health list would be Glyde Mobility Chews for Cats. Osteoarthritis is a common issue in felines but is often missed because cats are usually indoors. But if you notice that your cat isn’t jumping as much as they once did, you may want to consider this all-natural joint supplement.

Glyde gives felines the gift of improved mobility provided in the form of a yummy heart-shaped chew with proven levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, which help maintain joint function. This specific formula also contains New Zealand green lipped mussel, the only natural source of ETA, a potent Omega-3 fatty acid, that helps relieve occasional joint stiffness and maintains youthful mobility. Plus, Glyde for Cats has additional flavoring ingredients to make it even more appealing to your kitty. They will think they are getting a treat, but it will be something much better for them!

Give every month

Why show your cat how much you love them around the holidays when you can make a point of doing it every month with a subscription? Monthly subscriptions are now the trend of how to show your fur-baby that they are part of the family. They get something in the mail every month and of course you enjoy giving it to them. Here are some subscription ideas for your beloved kitty:

Subscriptions are also available with Glyde Mobility Chews. Your Glyde subscription would be a fantastic gift that protects your feline’s ability to run and play as a key part of preserving their quality of life. When you order a Glyde subscription, you ensure that your dog receives daily treatments essential to protecting them from the painful signs of arthritis.  Plus you have the added benefits of regularly scheduled delivery so you never run out or have to think about going to get it. Receive a 10% discount off every shipment and shipping is always free. Plus, the best part of all is that your beloved fur-baby is able to keep jumping high and doing the things he or she loves to do!

Happy gifting! Hopefully this list gives you some great resources for gifts during all the holidays! 


Ours is a give and take relationship. So give. Try Glyde for Cats.