10 Ways Dogs Enhance Both Mental & Physical Health

4/10/22 8:41 PM

World Mental Health Day is 10 October, which gives us a great opportunity to point out all the health benefits associated with having a dog. It has been proven that our dogs improve our lives mentally and physically. They give us unconditional love, companionship and improved physical and mental health. 

The Dog People shared some interesting facts that showed how dog pet parent loves their dogs like members of the family. This mutual love and understanding help create stronger bonds and healthier, happier homes. We shower them with love, presents, food and treats. They add to our quality of life.

Here are some fun facts they shared:

  • It's not surprising that 95% of pet parents think their pets are part of the family. 
  • 56% of dog people say hello to their dog first when they come home, before greeting the rest of the family. (This is probably because the dog greets us BEFORE the rest of the family does.)
  • Most dog people (65%) admitted to taking more photos of their dog than their significant other!
  • Dog ownership increases leisure time and physical activity by nearly 70%.
  • 54% of families with dogs have celebrated the dog’s birthday.

These facts and others have proven what most of us already know: having a dog improves our lives both mentally and physically.

Here are 10 proven ways they do just that.

1. Improved Emotional Well Being

It is no surprise that our dogs provide a better well-being state of mind for us as well. I’m sure you can recall a time you were feeling down, or were physically ill, and your dog was right there, laying by your side. It’s almost as if they have a sense of purpose when their parents are ill. They come sit by you, or nudge you, as if to say… you matter to me. And thus, the beauty of pet ownership is solidified.

2. Improved Physical Health

If you have a pet, you are more likely to be active. Taking care of pets requires a lot of effort. Dogs need walked and they love to play. If you have a dog, you most likely have been outside taking a walk or even took your dog to the dog park recently. No matter the age of the dog, they love to be outside with you. Being outside with your dog not only improves your physical health, but your mental health too.

3. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

There was a study that found people with dogs have lower blood pressure, and therefore are less likely to develop heart disease. Simply the act of playing with a dog has been shown to elevate levels of oxytocin and dopamine, which are excellent natural hormones that positively impact our physical health.

4. Makes Life More Meaningful

Last year, Pew Research Center dove into the topic of what makes life meaningful. In the study, it was the responsibility of caring for pets that made one of the top answers on the list. No surprise was that the top answer (69% of those asked) stated spending time with family made their lives most meaningful. After family, there were a variety of sources that bring meaning and satisfaction towards one’s life. Other answers that made the top of the list was spending time with friends and being outdoors. Then caring for pets came in after, but before listening to music, reading and religious faith. It seems in this survey, nearly half of Americans acknowledge that caring for their animals does give them a great deal of meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

5. Lowers Stress, Fear or Anxiety

In that same study, there has been proof of how simply petting a dog for even 5 minutes can relieve stress. It continues to relieve stress the longer you pet the dog. Compare that to simply resting for 20 minutes and the researchers found that petting the dog was more beneficial in lowering stress. It was also discovered in comparing reading for 15 minutes versus having animal interactions for 15 minutes reduced blood pressure when associated with fear and anxiety in adults.

6. Less Stress, More Organisation at work

According to a study done by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, dogs in the workplace have a positive effect on employees. In focus groups, the employees who were allowed to bring their dogs to work were less stressed and more organized than the other group of employees who were not allowed to bring their dogs to work.

7. Service Dogs Calm, Cure and Cuddle

Service dogs are a great way for people with disabilities to cope with their surroundings. It has been proven adults with PTSD can benefit from having a dog to calm their nerves. Studies show these emotional support dogs give people with trauma caused by an illness or an accident the support they need. It has also been noted children with ADHD and autism have benefited by the calming presence of a dog. Sensory overload is sometimes an issue and the act of petting one’s dog benefits them tremendously. Because of this discovery, service animals are becoming more common for a variety of reasons. A wide variety of animal therapy, such as “Learn to Read with A Dog,” has become more popular because of these facts.

8. Improved Socialisation

Dogs make it easier to meet new people. You get out of the house more with a dog. We are also more social beings when accompanied by dogs. Pet parents admit to being more outgoing and friendly when they are with their dogs. This makes social interaction easier and people are more likely to approach people with a dog as a sign of being friendly. What's the easiest opening line to get to know a person with a dog, "May I pet your dog?"

9. Gives Us Sense of Purpose

Our pets rely on us to feed them, entertain them, exercise them and keep them happy. This naturally is a big responsibility some of us need. For people who may not have a big family or are living alone, having a pet gives them a sense of purpose. It reduces depression and loneliness. Plus, it gives us the laugh we need and the welcome home we want after being away.  

10. Bring Us Happiness

Unconditional love brings happiness to us all. If you have a dog, the way they react when you come home triggers the love and support most of us want and need. They add structure to our day, help us meet people, keep us moving and queue the endorphins for positivity just by being around us in our daily lives. Having a dog makes us more active, gets us out in nature and makes life more enjoyable. This all means more happiness in our lives. And let’s face it: we could all use that.

No Pet, No problem

If you do not have a pet yet and are considering becoming a pet mom or dad, but think the responsibilities are too much for you, it is certainly understandable. Start slow. Go to your local animal shelter and just visit with dogs or cats. There are also new pet-themed cafes or bars that allow people to interact with dogs or cats. Maybe you would be a great pet-sitter for the dogs or cats in your neighborhood. See how being with furry friends affects you. It may be that you aren’t ready for a pet. Or maybe you are. At the end of the day, remember dogs are there to accompany us through life. It may not be a magical cure for what ails us, but it will certainly make us feel less alone on this journey through life. And the bonus is you get even more love and laughs out of the deal.

Mental Health Day 

World Mental Health Day (10 October) is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against the social stigma it can bring. It was created in 1992 by the initiative of the World Health Organization, a global mental health organisation with members and contacts in more than 150 countries. In Australia, this day is part of a week-long awareness week. 

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