Chanel's Final Pain-free Days

2/10/18 5:12 PM

Chanel had great final days

This tribute came from Anna about her beloved King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Chanel. So often, we want to give treats to our beloved dogs but know they are not as good for them. The good news is with Glyde® Mobility Chews they are. Anna enjoyed giving Glyde as a treat to her dog. She knew it was good for Chanel to address the signs of osteoarthritis her dog was experiencing. We are so proud to have made a difference in the lives of Anna and her beloved #GlydeDog Chanel. 

“Chanel was an old girl for a cavvie and was having troubles with her very arthritic knees. We noticed a massive difference in her once she started on the Glyde chews. She was running around like a pup again. She also loved them! They were a little daily treat for her. Unfortunately, her days were limited with heart disease which took her from us. We are so lucky that she was able to be pain free for her last few months.”

- Anna

 Glyde Can Work for Your Dog Too!


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