Chester Enjoys Life on Glyde

23/10/18 11:47 AM

Being Proactive with arthritis, start Glyde earlierHere’s a great story from Tanya about her big, beautiful dog, Chester. Tanya knew larger dogs had problems with joint mobility as they age. She researched possibilities and decided to be proactive. Her story is both heart-warming and refreshing. We love hearing from our pet parents about how Glyde® Mobility Chews has made a difference in their lives. Do you have a story? Please share it with us! For now, readTanya’s story about her #GlydeDog, Chester.

“Chester is a 48-kg., 5-year-old, Black Russian Terrier that joined my family as a mature dog. I was interested in trying a registered nutraceutical joint supplement to improve and prolong his comfort and enjoyment in mobility. We tried Glyde Mobility Chews based on discussions with our veterinarian.

Despite being relatively fussy with food, Chester ended up looking forward to having his daily Glyde mobility treats! The chews were a quick and convenient way to administer the required daily dose. After a short period of time on Glyde, Chester seemed more comfortable and content following longer play or walking sessions.

At first he just seemed more placid than my other dog but now he is voluntarily more active and the one initiating play! I was surprised how quickly I could see improvement in a dog that wasn't the classic representation of an old dog that is struggling with arthritis. He definitely seems to be enjoying life and mobility more since being on Glyde.”

  -- Tanya


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