Cookie Found Relief with Glyde

5/02/19 5:25 PM

Cookie loves Glyde

Although German Short-haired Pointers are generally healthy, like with any dog, they may get an uncommon disease. We received this information from Jade, Cookie's mum. It seems their beloved fur-baby was diagnosed Lupus. This disease is known to attack the body's tissue and cells. While it sometimes is focused around the nose, it seems that unfortunately for Cookie, it was attacking her joints as well. We were relieved to help Cookie find relief with Glyde Mobility Chews.  

Cookie is doing much better, thanks to being a #GlydeDog! We are pleased to share their story:

"Cookie is a 5-year-old German Short-haired Pointer. She was diagnosed with Lupus at 7 months of age. This disease can affect her joints. The joint pain has only recently started to flare up again so I decided to trial her on Glyde chews. Not only has it helped her; she loves the taste. She has been on it now for about 2 months. We did trial of another joint supplement and she hated the taste, plus I couldn’t see much improvement."

  -- Jade from Asquith Vet, New South Wales


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