Small Dog Dexter Youthful Again with Glyde

12/07/22 10:48 PM

Here’s a heart-warming story from Rachel about her adorable #GlydeDog, Dexter. Dexter is a mix of small-breed dogs, which on their own are usually at the low-risk scale for osteoarthritis (OA). However, Jack had mobility issues at a very young age. This demonstrates how some dogs might have mobility problems younger than expected. In the case of Dexter, it was very scary in some moments. Thankfully, with the help of Glyde® Mobility Chews, Dexter had a big change during his journey to recovery!

Dexter is so much better!










Read on to see what Dexter's mum told us about his treatment!

"Dexter is our beloved Maltese x Jack Russell Terrier. He was only 3-1/2 years old when he was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) and arthritis. My little man was paralysed from the middle of the body down due to the IVDD. There are only 3 treatment options for this disease: surgery, conservative treatment or euthanasia.

Euthanasia wasn't even an option for me. I couldn’t afford the surgery, so I opted for conservative treatment. With the early onset of arthritis, I knew the chance of full recovery was extremely low.

After 6 weeks of conservative IVDD treatment, my little man started to get movement back in his lower back! As the days went by, he became very stiff in his body due to arthritis. The veterinarian prescribed Zydax. Then we continued treatment at home with Glyde.

His improvement was unbelievable as he was moving around like a puppy again! Glyde has made an incredible change to my little man’s life! Without it, I don't know where we would be! It’s an amazing product and really does wonders! I would highly recommend it to anyone with a dog with arthritis.”

  – Rachel, Dexter's Mum

Thanks so much for this wonderful testimonial, Rachel! We are so glad you both found Glyde Mobility Chews!


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