Dexter's Back on the Chase

11/06/19 4:31 PM

Glenda wrote to us and shared the cutest video of her dog, Dexter, giving this cat a run for its money. This was Glenda's way of showing us what a difference Glyde® Mobility Chews made in her dog’s life. Here’s how it impacted Dexter the #GlydeDog! Prepare for cuteness overload when you watch this video!

"At 11 years old, I started to notice my boy, Dexter, a Maltese x starting to slow down a little. It didn’t help matters when I introduced a new puppy to our home. Dexter became withdrawn and a touch snappy. After around 10 days of giving him Glyde Chews for dogs, Dexter started to play, chase and give the puppy a run for his money. Suddenly the spring is back in his stride and he seems to be happier and enjoying life more, even started chasing the cat again!"

- Glenda


Testimonial Video  Dexter 2

Thanks so much to Glenda for sharing this awesome video of her adorable dog, Dexter!

See how Glyde can work for your dog!


Glyde Can Work for Your Dog Too!


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