Lilly Keeps Up

12/03/19 5:17 PM

Here is a great story we received from Colleen regarding her Spoodle, a Cocker Spaniel x Poodle. It's proof positive there are real results thanks to Glyde® Mobility Chews. Sometimes we don't notice how different our dogs are, until we do quit taking Glyde, which is what happened to Colleen. She tells us how it was possible she didn't notice the results while on Glyde, but when OFF Glyde. We are glad to hear Lilly is now forever a #GlydeDog! 

"I tried Glyde chews for my 14-year-old Spoodle for 2 months to help with arthritis pain and joint discomfort. I did not realise the difference it had made to her until about a month after we stopped using them. I had't realised how much longer our daily walks had become while using Glyde. When she was not, she was less enthusiastic for everything, walks and to play ball. I had forgotten how hard going up and down the stairs has been for her. When using Glyde she could easily walk 2 km on the beach and run up the stairs. She even kept up with our much younger dog. We will definitely be putting her back on the Glyde chews."

— Colleen


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