Lily’s Zoomies are Back

16/10/18 5:07 PM

Lily's Zoomies are backBrodie adopted this adorable greyhound and was delighted to see the zoomies in Lily return after a bit of a hiatus, thanks to Glyde® Mobility Chews. Here is their story:

Lily is a 9-year-old rescued retired racing greyhound. We have definitely seen improvements in her mobility since using Glyde, compared to other methods. She has started doing zoomies again in the backyard! She is running up and down the stairs with so much more enthusiasm.

The only time I notice her struggling now is when it's extremely cold. I am so happy with Glyde so far and I love seeing her running around a majority of time with minimal discomfort. She’s such a beautiful girl. I'll continue to use Glyde to keep her moving!

  --  Brodie


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