6 Active Dog Activities to Do Indoors on an April Rainy Day

April 14, 2022

Spring for many areas of the country means rainy days. If you have a dog who still needs an active outlet, we have some great ideas to keep your dog busy. April is Active Dog Month, a time to get out and be more active with our dogs. Also, because it is April, it may mean activities need to move inside on a rainy day. To keep your dog busy, there are a few fun things to do to stay active with your dog and move the activity inside.


Play a game

For dogs, mental stimulation is as good as physical stimulation. Thinking is just as good as running for dogs. This is a go-to way to stay active indoors for your dog. The game could be simple: tug of war, throw the ball or chase. Again, moving your dog around the house is the key here.

Learn a new trick

Did you know mental stimulation is as good as physical stimulation for dogs? If you change up regular activity and add an element, this changes the activity. Just introducing new elements makes your dog think. This is exciting for your dog.
For example, if they know how to “Sit,” add something different, such as “Place” where they sit on a place of your choice, a rug, or their bed. “Place” is a great addition to “Sit” when people are coming over, direct them to “Place” and they will be at a further distance as people enter your home.

Find the Treats

This game is a way to get your dog moving around the house. Make it like an Easter egg hunt, where the treats are in different places. If you block your dog off where you are hiding, they can see you and will be that much more excited. Then, let them loose and let them fly through the house looking for the treats.

Create New Toys

One of my favorite things to do inside with the dogs is to check out our recycling goodies. A nice empty oatmeal container with chews in it makes a rattle for your dogs as they push it around. Empty water bottles of all sizes are a great toy. And, anytime the paper towels or toilet paper is out, I give my dog the cardboard roll. My dog works until the cardboard is torn to bits. This will require some clean-up after, but it gives them new ways to interact with these “toys” and it is absolutely free! Just be sure you watch your dog doesn’t eat these recyclable toys but just playing with them.

Shop with Your Dog

Your could grab the umbrella and head to your favorite pet store. Most pet stores allow you to bring your dog on a leash. This is a great time to get some steps in, but you are still inside. Because our stores realize we love our dogs so much, we want to bring them with us, there are many stores that have allowed dogs inside. Larger stores are the best, such as Home Depot, where there is so much room to walk, your dog will love it. But there are surprisingly, many other stores you can bring your dog. Depending on the dog, you can determine which would be a great visit for your fur-baby. Refer to this list for the top places to shop with your dogs in the United States. Obviously, keep your dog in mind on how they would do when you pick your visit. My Labrador would not do well in Nordstrom but she would do just fine in Petco or PetSmart! You may want to call before you leave, to be sure your local store will still allow your dog. 

Kong Stuffing

My dog loves being inside his kennel because it means she will get to work with her Kong. I wasn’t familiar with Kong stuffing until I learned about it through the doggie training sessions we had at our local pet store. Now, I see it in many blogs and vlogs, and I wonder how I missed it all these years.

My dog’s favorite is a Kong I’ve frozen overnight. On one end is the rope I’ve tied into a knot, and then inside I fill it with dog kibble mini-chunks then I add leftover broth or yogurt, or peanut butter to help keep the kibble inside, and freeze it. The Kong comes out of the freezer as I need to get to work. She is so excited, she quickly gets in her kennel for this treat. I have 2 Kongs, so I always rotate. They are dishwasher safe, so they clean up easily. There is honestly no trace of any of the food, so I know she had a great time cleaning it up.

You can use this same method for indoor days. You may want to use a rope to tie it to something so your dog stays in one place with the filled Kong, as it can be messy. I found this great video on how to stuff a Kong. This dog trainer swears by the Kong so much, he says it can most behavior problems. Check it out!



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The biggest part of staying active, is being active, and an #ActiveDog is a #GlydeDog! April is Active Dog Month and we are helping keep your dog active with these great tips. Did you see our other posts? If not, please check them out!

What ideas do you do with your dog when you have to them inside? Let us know on our social media accounts. No matter what: be sure to keep them happy and healthy with mental and physical stimulation!



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