Arthritis Checklist [Free Downloadable]

July 16, 2019

Have you noticed that your dog seems to be slowing down? Or maybe you think your dog sleeps all day, more than usual? It's hot. Maybe it's the weather? So often, we attributed a decline in mobility, or your pet’s ability to move, to be part of their aging process or forces outside our control. "Oh.... my dog is getting's hot..." But just as achy joints cause humans to move slower at any age, the same happens with our beloved fur-babies. And just as there is help for adults, there is for your precious fur-baby too. Of course, the first step is answering one simple question:

Could my dog have arthritis? 

Arthritis, which is also called osteoarthritis, is a joint disease that affects dogs as well as people. Depending on several factors, there is a natural tendency for cartilage in the joints to break down. There are some dogs that are at a bigger risk than others. Factors that impact them are the size of the dog, breed of a dog and others.

Arthritis in dogs

Then how do you know if it might be arthritis in dogs? Unfortunately, our dogs can't talk to tell us. We know research has found amazingly, 4 out of 5 dogs will have arthritis by age 8. Even more staggering is that 1 out of 5 dogs will have arthritis by age 1. This is still a young dog. What do these staggering statistics tell us? Simply: this is not just an old dog problem. 

If you suspect your pet with mobility issues, check out the new Arthritis Checklist. It’s a quick review of what to look for with your dog. While this isn’t a tool that officially diagnoses arthritis, it is meant for you to know what to look for. As always, you can discuss this further with your veterinarian. Download the FREE Arthritis in Dogs Checklist now by clicking on the button below.


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You think like us: they aren't just dogs, they are part of the family. Here's to keeping them happy and healthy while they are here with us!


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