Buddy's Younger on Glyde

September 10, 2019

Josie sent us this story about her sweet older dog, Buddy. It seems he needed a boost as he was now 14-years-old and now seems 14-years-young! Now, thanks to Glyde™ Mobility Chews, he’s playing more and rolling around in the grass with his sister more. Check out the cute video they sent and the information about Buddy the #GlydeDog!


Testimonial Video  Buddy the Boxer


“Buddy is a boxer cross red cattle dog who turned 14 this May. He has been using Glyde Chews for about 3 years and he absolutely loves them!

Before introducing Buddy to Glyde chews, Buddy showed me he was an aging dog by starting to slow down. It took him slower to get up from his sleep. He slowed down on our regular walks and became uninterested in playing not only with me but with his sister, Sheila who is half his age! It was heart-breaking to think my angel boy was getting old. Fortunately, the Parnell team came to our clinic to showcase Glyde and I knew I had to try it! I am extremely grateful for that day at work.

“Buddy somehow got younger, instead of older,
over the past couple of years, having been on Glyde Chews.”

Obviously, I can't stop him getting older but at least he is extremely comfortable and has an almost-new lease on life. He loves to roll around on the grass and run around with his sister. He is always smiling (well I think so, anyway). I never really tried anything else, I am hesitant to use anything else because Glyde is working so well!

Glyde Chews have me a much happier, aging dog which in turn makes me a happier fur-mum!”

— Josie, Buddy's Fur-mum


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