Cats: Cute, Clever and At Risk for Arthritis

October 30, 2019

This week, we’re all about cats! As we approach Halloween, there are many reasons to celebrate Cats. October 29 some may have celebrated National Cat Day. Or maybe on October 27, the celebration was on National Black Cat Day. You might be dressing up for a cat this Halloween. No matter what, we are excited about our felines this time of the year and here are some reasons why. Read on to find why we love them, why they are so clever and why they are sometimes feared (especially at this time of year).  Plus, what you can do to celebrate your feline friend!

10 Reasons We Love Cats:

  1. Cats are pretty darn cute. Let’s face it, cats are so cute and lovely. Their mannerisms make them adorable to us but the way they walk, jump and frolic is truly graceful. It makes them beautiful and interesting creatures. 
  2. Cats are good comedy relief. Stressful day? Your cat will somehow make you laugh in so many ways.
  3. Just like us, cats have quirks. Their unique personalities are probably one of the best things about them.
  4. Cats are clever and independent. A cat is a unique animal. Unlike most dogs, it can survive on its own. That’s why cats are often pets of choice for people who travel often.
  5. Cats are easy to train. Potty training of dogs is the biggest roadblock to getting one. Rest assured with cats as they are great selection as using the litter box is almost instinct.
  6. Cats are easy to feed. Cats need smaller, more frequent meals than dogs do. Because of this, many people just load up the food bowl and let the cats make the decision of when eat.
  7. Cats come in a wide variety. There are almost 45 different breeds of cats. In 2018, they added two more breeds to the ranks: Lykoi and Khao Manee.
  8. Cats were once worshiped. Ancient Egypt believed cats had special powers to be reveled and worshiped the Cat Goddess, who was half-cat, half-woman. Have dogs ever been worshiped? Nope. 
  9. Cats sleep a lot. Cats conserve energy by sleeping for an average of 13 to 14 hours a day. This makes nap time at your place easy when snuggling with your cat. 
  10. Cats live by their own rules. Cat lovers rejoice at this. Oh to be just like a cat!

10 Ways to Celebrate Cats

The founders of National Cat Day have many ways you can celebrate cats this week. Here are a few we liked.

  1. Adopt a cat from your local pet rescue shelter.
  2. Donate or volunteer your time at a local pet rescue shelter.
  3. Make a commitment to your cat’s health with regular veterinary checkups and proper nutrition and exercise.
  4. Get a new toy for your cat.
  5. Give your cat a nice massage (if they will tolerate it).
  6. Brush your cat to stay ahead of the ubiquitous hairballs.
  7. Wear your favorite cat-inspired outfit.
  8. Make a new place for your cat to relax.
  9. Hire a photographer to take a photo of you and your cat.
  10. Post something on social media about cats. Maybe even THIS ARTICLE! Share it now.

Cat Health 

At odds with most of us is cat’s aloof behavior. So often we don’t know what they are thinking. Are they in pain? Tired? Mad? Sad? Each of these facial expressions is virtually the same expression. Regular check-ups at the veterinary office is key to stay on top of your cat's health. It is much better to be ahead of the curve, instead of behind it.

Cats are also susceptible to arthritis, just as humans and dogs are. It is one of the biggest threats to your cat's mobility.  Amazingly, 80% of cats will have arthritis affecting their mobility by age 5.  

4 in 5 cats have arthritis in cats


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Cats are still kittens at heart. They do not want to be a lazy cat. Just think, if you take a vitamin daily, why wouldn’t your cat take one as well?  Glyde™ Mobility Chews contains proven levels of three key components that work to relieve the painful signs of arthritis:

  • New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (GLM), which provides clinically proven anti-inflammatory efficacy, reducing joint pain and swelling, protecting against osteoarthritis
  • Glucosamine, which reduces pain, improves joint function and mobility
  • Chondroitin Sulfate, which stimulates synthesis of cartilage, reduces joint inflammation

With Glyde™ Mobility Chews, your cat will start receiving much-needed benefits such as:

  • Improved joint health and function.
  • Relief without side effects associated with traditional drug treatments.
  • All with natural, environmentally sustainable, gluten-free ingredients.

Why are Cats Feared?

Let's first just acknowledge the fact that some are fearful of cats. How do we know this? If cats weren’t feared, there would be no such day as “Cat World Domination Day.” Even pet parents wonder what their cats are up to. How do we know? One of the most commonly Googled questions of 2019 is “How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you?” 

Most believe the fear of cats, specifically black cats, has been around since the Middle Ages. Most credit the belief to when superstitions of the Puritan Pilgrims of Plymouth County were around. This group lived a strict Protestant lifestyle and were against those that did not hold their same beliefs. Since witchcraft was viewed as a group that worshiped the devil, the Puritans became fearful of all things linked to witches.

At that time, the legend was that witches could reincarnate themselves from black cat to black cat. Thus, these black cats were often thought of as the servant of witches. These two things combined made put witches and black cats together as something to be feared still to this day. 

Interestingly, when Google recently released our “Most Googled Pet Questions,” the one top of the list for cat lovers was: “Is my cat plotting to kill me?” Which goes to show you how we recognize the million years of tiger instincts that have transformed into this sweet adorable cat now in cohabitation with us. That was illustrated in the hilarious “Allstate Mayhem” series of commercials, this one titled simply: “Cat.”

Cats Humor 

Really the joke’s on us to be afraid of cats. Why? Because they are afraid of cucumbers. It’s quite comical! Get ready for some laughs when you check out this video!!


Cat Costumes Please

We need cat costumes in our lives.

Here's one of our own Parnell's family cats, Samantha as a unicorn. 

Samantha as a unicorn

A couple on Amazon are just adorable! 

Hilarious cat costume

cat costume 1

Now that you know more about cats, be sure to celebrate them this week of Halloween. We all love how much they bring to our lives. Now is the time to celebrate them! And....  protect yourself from World Domination! But really, the best thing to do is give them the best life you can because they add so much to your life. And that's why we love our cats!


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