Coonhound Mix Thrives on Glyde

February 7, 2023

For the love of a dog... this beautiful dog has been well taken care of by her mom Rebecca. Meet Marley, a mix of equal parts of Coonhound and Pitbull to make one gorgeous dog. Coonhounds are a type of scenthound and a member of the hound group. Pitbulls are a type of dog that descended from bulldogs and terriers. Put these two breeds together, and you get Marley, the adorable "leggy" #GlydeDog Rebecca is proud to have as her own. We were excited to hear from Rebecca, who has been a customer of Glyde Mobility Chews since 2018! Marley has been a #GlydeDog since he was 7 years old. It was great to hear from a long-time customer why they chose Glyde Mobility Chews

While Rebecca is a passionate dog mom, her photos tell the story of how important her fur baby is to her. She has so much love for this dog, and she sent in many photos to enjoy. She insists she’s not a photographer, but rather, she has a gorgeous subject: her dog. And while she also isn’t a paid spokesperson, she certainly could be. We loved hearing from Rebecca about Marley and the love of her dog... she's cared for him and photographed him to showcase his beauty and love. Of course, she wants Marley to be healthy and active longer in life and she chose Glyde to help.

Marley on the beach

Here's what Rebecca said:

"I have been a loyal Glyde customer since my dog was 7 years old! My dog is half Coonhound and half Pitbull, and a 100% ball of energy. I knew when he was around 5 years old, I had to start looking for a maintenance joint supplement, because he’s always been hard on his legs, and he’s a really leggy guy," Rebecca said. 


"I’m really picky with ingredients and Glyde was by far the best I could find that also matched a limited ingredient list we needed, and didn’t include gross things like animal digest or other unhealthy and unnecessary fillers." 

— Rebecca, Marley's Mom

"Glyde has for sure helped keep him going all this time. He is 12 years old now and hasn’t slowed down much at all. He is still as active as he always has been. He has always loved running, jumping, hiking, playing, etc, and Glyde has helped keep him agile enough to be able to continue doing all his favorite activities. I’ve recommended it to several other people, including my parent’s dog who is 8 now and still acts like a puppy as well. Attached are just a few of a few thousand pictures of my puppy boy over the years. Enjoy!"

— Rebecca, Marley's Mom

Marley the coonhound!

What was great about Rebecca, is that she didn't wait to protect her dog's joints. She knew good joint health was important for her dog to stay happy and active. She researched our product, tried it, and knew Glyde Mobility Chews was the product with the best ingredients for her dog. The best thing about Glyde is the active ingredients and the fact your dog thinks it's a treat, but you know better; it's good for him!

Marley travels

We loved all these fantastic photos of Rebecca's life with Marley. You can see how much love they both have for each other. This Valentine's Day, we all know who is our favorite: our dogs! Just like Rebecca and Marley: life is better with a dog! 

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