Daisy and Lexi Loving Life [UPDATED VIDEO]

August 6, 2020

We received another update from James, Daisy and Lexi's pet dad. He shared a video of his precious Daisy chasing a rabbit outside. What makes this video remarkable is that just a few years ago, Daisy suddenly couldn't move. James thought the worst: she had a stroke. He had to carry his beautiful Golden Retriever to the car to go to the pet vet emergency. Turns out, Daisy suffered from hip dysplasia.

"I sent another video of my Daisy, now 18-year-old Golden Retriever, chasing a Rabbit. I will always be amazed by what GLYDE has done for both my Dog's." Check out this updated video and their story on why Daisy is a #GldyeDog and uses Glyde™ Mobility Chews every day for healthy joints.

Previous update from July, 2019

Recently, we received a phone call from long-time Glyde™ Mobility Chews subscriber, Mr. James Bealer. It seems he had been so moved by the results had been getting from our product, he had to call and let us know. This retired Air Force veteran had two fur-babies: a 17-year-old Golden Retriever named Daisy and a younger King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Lexi. He shared his remarkable story about his experience with Glyde and we were thrilled to hear how Daisy is a #GlydeDog now and how it has helped this family. 

According to James, one morning upon waking up, he realized something had happened to Daisy. She just wouldn't get up. After some coaxing, she was able to stand up on her front legs, but not her rear legs. They didn't seem to be working at all for her. He knew he had to get her to his veterinary clinic and he was very concerned. Daisy was 65 pounds, and this was a serious issue that her mobility was suddenly so damaged. James thought she might have had a stroke.

After a lot of work, she was able to get her into his vehicle to take her to the veterinary clinic. The examination showed she had a very bad case of hip dysplasia, which was why her hind legs were not working. The veterinarian recommended a laser therapy treatment along with using Glyde Mobility Chews.

“I’m simply at awe with what Glyde did for my dog, Daisy. She is a rescue Golden retriever. I adopted her when she was about 1 year old. She will be 17 years old on August 1, 2019.  She is the most lovable dog!  Two years ago, she suffered what the Veterinarian said was hip dysplasia. One morning, what I thought she was having a stroke because she could not use her back legs, turned out to be this hip dysplasia.  I had to carry her to the Veterinary Clinic. There, she went through some shots and laser therapy. The Doctor recommended she have GLYDE chews twice a day. Since that time, she had become the most energetic 17-year-old dog I have ever seen.  I am a true believer in GLYDE Chewables!  Thank You, Parnell!”

— James 

James sent us this video to show that not only is she more mobile, but she’s able to jump up on the couch again! 

The update is a year later! Daisy, now 18 - is chasing a rabbit in the back yard. This fills our hearts with so much joy! Thanks for the video, James!

Testimonial Video  Daisy 2 update

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