Dogs Help Australia’s Koalas & Animals

January 15, 2020

Parnell Living Science has its world headquarters and our manufacturing facility based in Sydney, Australia. Many of our Parnell family and friends are continually dealing with the fires in Australia. This natural disaster is still on the top of our minds, even at our North American headquarters. We wrote this post for our Australian pet parents, but decided the heart-warming stories were worth sharing with our U.S. pet parents as well. As we said last week, our hearts (and our heart-shaped chews) are with those in Australia. 

We have all heard the tragic news of an estimated 1 billion animals have died since Australia’s devastating bushfires began spreading in September. As we continue to work through these unprecedented conditions, there are some great examples of how dogs and humans have helped in the recovery efforts. From herding sheep to rescuing koalas, you can bet these dogs know they are needed and have strengthened efforts with their unique talents. 

Dog Team Finds Koalas 

What is exciting about this news clip from CBS News, is it is a team of 3 adorable dogs: Tommy, Emma and Becky. Together they are working to discover the timid koalas hiding in the trees. Koalas only live in Australia and are on the endangered species list. The Word Wildlife Fund says more than 30,000 may have perished, although the final toll won't be known for months. Here's a great dog group helping in the recovery efforts. 

Bear the Koala Detection Dog

The International Fund for Animal Welfare have used “Bear,” the organization’s koala detection dog to help locate survivors of NSW Australia bushfires.  

According to the organization, koalas can survive for weeks after a fire, suffering from burns and smoke inhalation as they escape by climbing up the trees. Locating these survivors is a challenge for those trying to help the animals because they are difficult for the human eye to spot. This is where Bear comes in. His unique ability is to sniff out the koalas by the scent of their fur.

Check out Bear in action!

You can follow Bear's efforts on Instagram too.

Patsy the Wonderdog

The fires have been devastating to the nation’s wildlife, but it has also taken a toll on the nation’s livestock. Thankfully, many sheep have been saved thanks to the efforts of one dog. Patsy, a shepherd mix, is credited for saving over 900 sheep.

Here’s Patsy’s story!

Be sure to follow Patsy's efforts on Instagram too. 

Taylor springs to action

Taylor is a Springer Spaniel who has also been a heroic dog, saving 15 koalas. Her and her handler are working to increase those numbers. Here is a video circulating now: 

More heart-warming Videos

Another viral video on Facebook with a dog and koala is capturing attention around the world. The video was taken before the fires have ravaged the place, but because of the current situation, it has been seen 180 million times and has several million shares. It's a video of an adorable dog, Rusty, sharing his drinking water with his friend, the koala. Notice the caring look in the Rusty's eyes. Aren't dogs simply amazing? Check it out!

While there are no dogs involved in this, we loved this Twitter image of food being dropped from the sky. A helicopter sent down pounds of carrots and other vegetables to feed the wildlife that are certainly looking for food in the charred area. Be sure to read the article and watch the video.

Follow their efforts on Twitter:

How to Help our Wildlife

There are several ways you can assist animals in Australia’s fire disaster. They include:

  • Fur Life Foundation is supporting rural communities impacted by the bushfire. Apiam Animal Health is one of our national veterinary clinic partners and we are proud of their efforts supporting this cause. You can donate on line, or in person at any of their clinics in Australia. 
  • Donate to WIRES, the New South Wales-based Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc. is Australia’s largest wildlife non-profit rescue organization.
  • World Wildlife Fund Australia is focusing its efforts on koala conservation.
  • Australia Zoo, which is managed by the late Steve Irwin’s family.
  • Good Morning America provided a list of Australian fire departments that could use some help too.

There are many more organizations working on human efforts as well and the USA Today recently compiled a comprehensive the list. 

No matter what, all those in Australia, please stay safe! 


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