Glyde Saved Kenai's Life and Kept Arthritis Pain Away

November 1, 2023

This testimonial came to us after a routine customer service call to Michael. We are certainly glad we called because it was then we learned the story about Michael and his two adopted dogs Kenai and Diego on the same day 13 years ago. Kenai is a small Rottweiler mix at only 60 pounds and Diego is a Springer Spaniel. They are brothers from different mothers. This story is quite remarkable, as Micheal told us,

"Glyde is not just life CHANGING — it's life-SAVING!"

Since November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month, this is a perfect time to introduce you to these adorable 13-year-old dogs and learn about their story. They are senior dogs by regular age standards, but they certainly do not act like it thanks to Glyde™ Mobility Chews.  Meet Kenai and Diego, now #GlydeDogs!

Last year, Kenai's arthritis had gotten so bad that the veterinarian suggested Michael needed to put him down. Michael did what any dedicated dog dad would: he went to the internet to research alternatives to help with arthritis.

After some online research, he found Glyde™ Mobility Chews. Now Kenai is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DOG! 

This story is truly amazing. And I will admit, it may have brought tears to our eyes when we heard it. Michael went from the possibility of losing his dog to having him around another year and running around active and back to his old self.



Here are Michael's own words:

"Attached are pictures of my buddies and me. Kenai is a black dog and Diego is a white dog. The picture was taken a year ago on a walk that I wasn't sure was going to happen. There are woods with a creek running through it, and it's a favorite place of ours to go for a hike with the dogs. As a youth, I spent most of my childhood there.

Michael and his dogs

"After we got the bad news at our vet visit, I took the dogs there for what might have been their last hike. Kenai had such bad arthritis and he was having difficulty walking and getting around. The vet suggested I consider letting Kenai go because he was clearly in pain. 

That night, I did some research online and found Glyde Mobility Chews. Honestly, a miracle happened with Glyde! I had prayed for a little more time with my buddies and as always, God went above and beyond all I could ask for or imagine!!! He's given us another year already and there's NO stopping them now! Hills, stairs, walks and running around like they did in their youth... nothing is keeping them from enjoying life!

When I think about what I've been given, it’s Time. More time for walks. More time for hiking and going places they haven't been. More car rides, wet noses, wagging tails, and sloppy dog kisses. And more of the unconditional love they have shown me all their lives.

Thank you for all your help and such an amazing product!
Glyde is not only life-changing but life-SAVING!!!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! God bless!"

— Micheal, Dog Dad to Kenai and Diego

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Michael. This is why we love doing what we are doing. Glyde Mobility Chews makes a difference because we ARE different. We are so glad you found us, Michael! 

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