Huckleberry's Joints Pain is Gone

January 9, 2019

Huckleberry by the fireIs it cold where you are located? During the bitter cold temperatures many of us experience in different parts of the country, our fur-babies can use some added joint protection. As temperatures drop, your own joints start to ache more than usual. For you, it could be arthritis. Did you know your dog can have arthritis, too? Arthritis in dogs is also known as osteoarthritis (OA) and can affect both dogs or cats. Many people take vitamins to combat the painful effects on their own joints. It's those people who already know the power behind Glyde, who find it easy to turn to a similar solution for their fur-babies. 

Huckleberry’s pet parent, Heather, sent us this adorable picture of her fur-babies by the fire. Heather is feeling warm inside about the choice she made to help her pet’s mobility with Glyde™ Mobility Chews. Glyde's formula has all-natural ingredients and proven levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as Green Lipped Mussel (GLM). Now, not only can your dog have improved mobility with Glyde Mobility Chews for Dogs, but so can your cat with Glyde Mobility Chews for Dogs

Here’s Heather’s note about Huckleberry:

“My baby, Huckleberry is 10-years-old, and he is missing a front leg. He has arthritis and has been on many different glucosamine products before we found Glyde. NONE of them have worked as well and given him a lot of pain free mobility as well as Glyde has!! We are SIT, STAYING with Glyde from now on!

Thank you, Parnell!”

– Heather


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