Lex is Off Pain Meds

April 30, 2019

Lex is a GlydeDog

Sharon wrote to us about her adorable dog, Lex, a Staffy mix with a Rottie. These dog breeds are large-sized dogs which fit into a smaller compact size, which makes them very solid dogs. Thus, it is understandable for her dog to have joint problems due to arthritis. Large breed dogs such as this are on the very high-risk chart for arthritis. We are pleased to hear from Sharon that her dog, Lex is doing great thanks to the help of Glyde™ Mobility Chews. Here is what Sharon said about her #GlydeDog.

“Lex is an 11-year old Staffy x Rottweiler/Mastiff. I have just finished a jar of Glyde chews at 3 per day. I believe there has been a decrease in Lex’s stiffness after exercise. Lex was previously been on pain medication for around 3 years. He was still getting stiff and sore in his front legs after heavier exercise. This has helped. I plan to continue using Glyde, especially through the colder months.”

— Sharon


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