Lou Lou Gets Glyde

June 19, 2019

Lou Lou beach photo

Here is a story from Sherry about her small dog, Lou Lou. We are happy to hear that Glyde™ Mobility Chews has helped them be a more active family. Here’s their #GlydeDog story!

"Lou Lou has been on Glyde for about a month and had been on (a competitor product) for about 2 years. Lou Lou is 10 1/2 years old and has had a luxating patella, arthritis in her stifles and chronic lumbar issues. She has not been very mobile at all. She would not go upstairs, play, run around etc.  Notice that she is a small breed dog as well. Glyde is really helping this dog A LOT. This is the most active Lou Lou has been in a long time. We've been back at the beach again! Thank you!"

— Sherry