Meet the Newest AKC Dogs for 2022: Mudi & Russian Toy

February 24, 2022

In 2022, the AKC welcomed two new breeds: the Mudi (pronounced like “moodie”) and the Russian Toy. What does it mean when they are added to the AKC breed list? It is a nod that these dogs are contributing to the dog world enough to have representation at U.S. Dog shows, including the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club. Let’s meet the AKC’s newest pooches!

Meet the newest dog breeds for 2022!

mudi and RT

First, let’s meet the Mudi!

The Mudi is a medium-sized herding dog from Hungary with origins dating back to the nineteenth century. Some say the Mudi evolved naturally from crosses of the Pumi & German Spitz type breeds. Others say if you compared their looks and temperament, it is more of a cross between a Miniature Poodle and a German Shepherd Dog. Today the Mudi is seen as an active and intelligent working breed. The Mudi is a very friendly and playful dog.

5 Things about the Mudi

  1. Mudis are of Hungarian origins.
  2. There are an estimated 3,000-4,000 Mudis worldwide; and only 450 in the U.S.
  3. Mudis are herding dogs and is still favored by shepherds to work cattle and sheep herds.
  4. There is a very active dog group called the Mudi Club of America.
  5. The Mudi is very active, quick and versatile, making them great contenders for active dog sports.

Size - Male are from 16 inches to 18½ inches, ideal 17½ inches, female from 15 inches to 17½ inches, ideal 16½ inches.

Weight – Male ideal weight in dogs is 24 pounds to 29 pounds and in female 18 pounds to 24 pounds.

active mudi

What make the Mudi dogs unique?

Mudi are very energetic dogs. Though they are calm and relaxed in the house, once outside they appreciate a good run and love exercise. Not surprisingly, Mudi excel at flyball, obedience, herding, and frisbee. We believe this addition means we will start seeing more of these dogs participating in agility and mobility events.

For more information, check out the AKC’s official highlight of the Mudi breed.

Now, let’s meet the Russian Toy!

russian toy

The Russian Toy is an elegant toy dog with a coat is that is either semi-long or smooth. The Long-Coat carries a nice ruff on the chest and unique feathering on the extremities, tail and ears. Long coat Russian Toys will not have an adult coat until it is more than a year old and full fringing not until three years of age. While the Smooth Coat is sleek and smooth to the touch. While some may think these dogs resemble a Chihuahua, they are a Terrier. Surprisingly, as small as the Russian Toy is, they are not a member of the Toy Dog breeds like the Chihuahua, but currently in the Miscellaneous category.

5 Things about the Russian Toy

  1.  Russian Toys (also known as Russiky Toy) have two origin countries: England and Russia, dating back in the 18th century.
  2. The Russian Toys is now officially the smallest dog breed in the AKC dog breeds.
  3. There are an estimated – in the world of this dog, but in the U.S., there are only 775.
  4. The Russian Toy Dog Club helped them become an official breed is quite active.
  5. The Russian Toy is a member of the Terrier group.

Size & weight – for both sexes, the Russian Toy is very small at 8 - 11 inches tall and should not weigh more than six pounds.

What to love about the Russian Toy:

  1. Russian Toys are great for families with kids and other dogs. Small dogs are often protective, but these little guys enjoy the family class.
  2. They have lots of playfulness to keep everyone entertained. Possibly because of the size of the dog, they continue to be playful even past the puppy stages of life.
  3. They are highly trainable ranging from call commands to tricks to impress those they love.
  4. Small dogs take up small spaces and travel easily in a carry-on bag or larger purse. It's obvious the size of this dog means they can go almost anywhere with you, which for the travelers out there is a real benefit. 
  5. They are very affectionate, and offer love unconditionally. 

Keep in mind:

  1. Like most smaller dogs, they use barking to alert you to all things from visitors approaching or attention to the outside world. All dogs bark, but these might be more on the vocal side.
  2. Mental stimulation is needed with these little bundles of energy.

Key to Health: Joint Protection and Prevention

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