Newton's Hind Legs

October 16, 2017


Newton is a big, beautiful Doberman with problems in his back legs. Here’s how Newton has improved as a #GlydeDog! 

"Newton is a big boy! At a whopping 92 lbs., he's not your average size Doberman. At just 3 years of age, Newton began to have knee problems. His back legs would shake as he stood and he limped heavily. Like most Dobermans, Newton loves to run, hike, and play. However, with bad knees, Newton was suffering a lot. He was depressed, not eating and would mope around the house, then cry to be let outside. He was placed on anti-inflammatory medication and on a weight management diet. That did not seem to help enough as he was still limping and his back legs would shake.

Our veterinarian told us about Glyde™ Mobility Chews and we decided to try it. We wanted him to have the best life he could possibly have. Within a few days, we saw improvement. He wasn't shaking as much and he was able to stand for longer periods of time. Now with his daily dose of Glyde, Newton is back to his old self. He runs 2 miles a day, he chases the squirrels in our back yard and his back legs no longer shake when he stands. Newton is now a happy and healthy 4-year-old! 

- Karen


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