Remembering Tex Our Rainbow Bridge Dog of the Year

August 22, 2022

In honor of Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, we are honoring a post we shared two years ago. Losing a dog is a hard thing to do, as they are usually our best friends. We have had many pet parents reach out to us and let us know their beloved pooch has passed and they needed to cancel their Glyde auto-ship subscription. We often send condolences. Earl's response was extra sweet and poignant. It is definitely worth sharing again. Here is a tribute from Earle about his beloved Tex: 

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We were saddened to hear one of our long-time #GlydeDogs had passed. Tex’s pet parent, Earle, reached out to us to let us know they would be cancelling their Glyde™ Mobility Chews subscription because their beloved Tex crossed the Rainbow Bridge. While we no longer get to serve Tex and Earle, he shared this beautiful story about his dog, Tex. We were so happy to hear how Glyde helped Tex feel and move better during the past few years.

Upon the passing of Tex, we sent Earle a memorial statue with our condolences. He sent us this beautiful card as a thank you. We reached out to Earle, and asked if he would be willing to let us highlight Tex as our tribute dog for the upcoming pet memorial holidays. He kindly obliged. We are honored to bring you Earle & Tex, a friendship that turned into a long-term story of companionship.

"I know the Glyde I purchased from you during his last years helped him with the arthritis in his back legs and made his life easier, which meant the world to me."

— Earle, Tex's dad

Story of Tex card

"My wife Louise and I first met Tex when we were visiting my uncle in Palm Springs, California in the year 2000, I am sure of the date. Tex was a beautiful first-generation Bichpoo or Bichon-Poodle mix. He was a typical puppy chewing on things and had a lot of energy. Tex was so smart that several years later when my uncle became hard of hearing he couldn’t hear the telephone ring, Tex would bark to let him know he needed to answer his telephone! He never taught him to do that; Tex simply realized the situation and became proactive.

When my uncle passed, he gave us Tex. He was about ten years old when it happened. I remember my son saying, “How do you like Tex”? I said, “The jury’s still out.” Then one morning when I was sleeping in, Tex jumped onto the bed and licked my face. Well, it was all over! I always loved his doggie kisses!


Story of Tex

When my wife and I would return home after perhaps a two or three-hour outing, as we pulled into our driveway we could see Tex on top of the sofa looking out a front window patiently waiting for us to return. When Tex would see us pulling into the driveway he would stand up on the top of the sofa and give us a definite look and start to jump onto the sofa and then onto the floor and then go to the kitchen door and wait for us to open the door. However, before he jumped down he would always straighten back up and give the second look just to be sure. We always open the kitchen door from the garage very slowly so as not to bump his nose. He was always so happy to see us but no happier than I was to see him!

Tex loved to ride in my car. He always looked so beautiful because he was a very bright white and he looked so wonderful with the gray leather interior behind him. He would stand on the center console to see out and when I would turn a corner he would lean into the turn, I called him my surfer dog.

Question: How do you get over losing someone that you have loved so dearly?
Answer: You don’t. 

I only hope Tex knew that I loved him as much as he loved me. Sometimes I would sit on the sofa and hold Tex in my arms wrapped in his favorite green plaid blanket. Occasionally he would awaken in a start as if he were unsure where he was but in only a second or two his head would fall back on my arm and he would be sound asleep once more knowing that I would protect him.

Tex passed on April 18, 2020, he was twenty years old. I believe, as a breed of a first-generation Bichpoo, he had fewer health problems than a Bichon or a Poodle. As Tex got older and needed more attention I never minded the extra effort and indeed only seemed to make me love him all the more! I only now realize that toward the end he was not feeling well but he never complained and as always loved us every moment. I doubt that I will ever be as good of a person as Tex was a dog for me.

I am a person who very seldom cries, quite the opposite, but I do cry when I think of Tex and see his beautiful face looking up at me and I am unable to pick him up and hold him and tell him how very much I love him.

Life goes on but there is, and always will be, a great emptiness in my heart that only Tex can fill. I have left instructions that Tex’s remains, toys, the statue of the little boy holding a small dog, his leash, and his favorite green plaid blanket, be buried with me."

— Earle, Tex's dad

As a reminder, it is always difficult to say goodbye to our pets. Here are pet memorial holidays you can celebrate their lives:


Have you lost a pet recently? Please share your favorite photo of your Rainbow Bridge dog on our FaceBook page! We love all dogs, especially those who have given unconditionally throughout their lives, and made our lives better just like Tex did for Earle and his family.  



Editor's note: When we talked to Earle, he was very kind to us and thanked us for creating Glyde Mobility Chews for his dog. I told him his story is exactly why we do what we do. His card and heartfelt story touched our entire office. Thank you Earle & Tex!