Shiloh's Trial

October 13, 2017


We often hear from pet parents that share their story of trying other types of supplements, but nothing that changes the lives of their pets. Here’s Meg and Shiloh who had tried other products before Glyde Mobility Chews. Now she knows the Glyde difference and Shiloh is a #GlydeDog!


"Shiloh is 11-years-old. Her favorite activities are playing fetch with her tennis ball and running around in the backyard with her younger brother and sister. When she was 5, she was diagnosed with bilateral torn cruciates (ruptured knee ligaments). She underwent two surgeries in 6 weeks. Since then, she has always been on a joint supplement to make healing easier as she ages.

In the past 6 years, I have tried four different joint supplements and was finally introduced to Glyde™ Mobility Chews to use on a trial basis with our veterinarian. The eye opener was AFTER the trial was completed. Since her trial was over, we went back to her other joint supplement. It was like Shiloh aged another 5 years in one week’s time. She was back to getting up really slow and struggling to jump into the car or even walk up the stairs. She also didn't want to play fetch and chase her younger siblings.

That was when I realized how well she was doing on Glyde! Shiloh knew she was better and having so much fun keeping up with her siblings and doing the things she loved while she was taking Glyde. It just took me a bit to realize it. Now I know I will make sure she never has anything else! 

- Meg


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