Dogs Think Glyde is a Treat [VIDEO]

February 6, 2019

We received this testimonial from Susie about her adorable dogs and how quickly they responded to the benefits of Glyde™ Mobility Chews. Joint injuries can increase the pain of arthritis in dogs. Glyde will make a considerable difference if your pets have an injury impacting their mobility. We were thrilled to get this information, complete with an adorable video of her dogs! 

Here is the video:

Susanne Johnson_Dottie


“I had started one of my dogs, Dottie, on Glyde a year ago due to a torn cruciate ligament she had. It helped her walk with so much more comfort. I was able to take her off her non-steroidal medication. Since she was doing so well, I then placed my other two dogs Lucy and Nemo, on Glyde and stopped their other pain and joint medications. They love the taste and get it daily as their favorite treat 🐾. It has given them they joy of running and playing together without the pain they previously would have later. Thank you, Parnell for a great product!”


Thank you, 
Susie Johnson 


Some dogs will have arthritis for a variety of reasons ranging from age, weight and breed. 

See where your dog is on the list. 


OA Risk Factors Chart


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