Tips to Make the Big Game Safe & Fun for Your Dog

February 7, 2023

Updated 2/22/2023: Congratulations to our Kansas City Chiefs! There was much fanfare to be had as the Chiefs won the biggest game for the second time in 4 years. There are updates noted in the original article to reflect the success of many who scored big on Sunday, February 12, 2023.

This Sunday is a big day for football fans and non-fans alike. The makers of Glyde Mobility Chews, Parnell Living Science, are proud to have our North American headquarters located in the Kansas City metro. For us and millions of fans, this year’s game is a big deal. We are confident in our Kansas City Chiefs this weekend as they match up against the Philadelphia Eagles. Time will tell who is TOP DOG in Phoenix. For now, let's enjoy the match-up and if you don't have a team to cheer on, cheer on puppies during the Puppy Bowl. No matter if you are a football fan or not, grab your fur-baby and enjoy these dog-friendly ways to make the big game this Sunday super special! 

Plus, there are some interesting statistics on retail and advertising spending and sneak peeks at some dog commercials to look for this year. Plus, 5 tips you need so your dog can be safe and enjoy the big game with you. And we answer the age-old question, will there be dogs in any commercials this year? And, which dog commercial was the best one ever?  Read on for answers to these pressing big-game questions, and more!


Update on Super Game Stats

As if this game couldn't get bigger, we learned that there were more fans in attendance live and in person, AND watching live on television than the previous year. This game was the third-most-viewed TV program of ALL TIME! The programs and their viewership are:

  1. Super Bowl 2015: 114.4 million
  2. Super Bowl 2017: 113.7 million 
  3. Super Bowl 2023: 113 million (1% rise from Super Bowl 2022)

Many people jumped in and out of the game, with the number of viers who watched any part of the game a staggering 183 million.

Peak viewing times were during Rihanna's amazing half-time show, with 118.7 million people tuning in. This game was the second-most-watched half-time show, behind Katy Perry's performance in 2015. 

For updated commercial results, jump here. 

Big Game = Big Spending

A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) found that 192.9 million adults plan to watch this year's game, which is a considerable increase from last year's game of (only?) 184.5 million viewers. With more viewers watching, the industry is seeing more growth in spending from apparel, restaurants, and grocery stores. Retail spending is expected to jump from $14.6 billion last year to $16.5 billion this year. This means the average person will spend $85.36 this year, instead of $78.92 last year.

Spending increases considerably if your team is playing. The price of a new AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt start at $85. Plus, spending for the party includes food, drinks, KC Chiefs dog bandanas, and big game decor, and you can see how the Chiefs fans are well exceeding the average spend. 

Tips for Your Dog to Enjoy the game

While you are hosting your big party or going somewhere to watch, here are some tips that will help your dog enjoy the big game. 

  1. Get outside for exercise. If you can, take your dog on a long walk prior to the big game. Exercise provides physical and mental stimulation for your dog. This will tire them out a bit, and they are more likely to be ready to relax while the game is on. If you can, do at least 30 minutes of outdoor exercise or longer, it will go a long way for your dog. Plus, with a bit of energy already released outside, your dog will not be as jazzed up with all the excitement of guests arriving and cheering for the game. This has been key in my home. I get compliments on how calm my 3-year-old Labrador dog is. Little do they know we just did 3 miles before they arrived. 
  2.  Be cautious with party food. Visitors may not be used to having a do. Just in case, be sure your guests do not leave plates out with food for your dog. Many foods at the party will be too rich or even dangerous for your dog to eat. According to the National Chicken Counsel, 1.42 BILLION will be eaten this Sunday. Chicken wings are a choking hazard for dogs. Be sure your dog does not get any food not meant for them.
  3. Watch the entry as people come and go. Sometimes our dogs take the opportunity to escape. Be sure your dog isn't one of them! This is a great time to teach your dog how to sit properly as friends come and go. 
  4. Fireworks alert. One city might have more fireworks than another after the big game on Sunday. If you are in a city that has a team playing in the big game on Sunday, be sure you know where your dog is after the game. The loud fireworks booms are never anything dogs will sit still for. The last thing you need is your dog outside during unexpected fireworks, so plan accordingly.  
  5. Feed your dog before the guests arrive, and give them their supplements. You have a lot going on. Be sure you give your dog the food and what they need BEFORE guests arrive so they can eat and enjoy without being distracted. Do not forget the Glyde™ Mobility Chews, the best joint supplements for dogs so your dog is ready will stay healthy and active. When you skip even a day of their supplements, it can be noticeable to them. 

And now that you have your to do list to take care of your pup. Here are some ways you can be ready to enjoy the fun on Sunday!

Tune in to the Puppy Bowl

The Puppy Bowl returns for the 19th year of entertaining us with those adorable puppies. Tune in to watch PUPPY BOWL XIX on Sunday, February 12 at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT on Animal Planet. The network released its first Puppy Bowl in 2005. The idea was simple: mimic a football game starring adorable puppies, making must-see television at its finest. Today, it's one of the best things about Sunday! Check out the competition in this adorable post!

There will be commentators to elaborate on the movements of the puppies. Keeping safety in mind, veterinarians will be on hand to help if any puppy is injured. To be sure no animals are harmed, the American Humane Society will also be present. More good news: 100% of the puppies participating are adoptable and in all events over the past years, the puppies participating have found a home. This year's event is certain to have the same outcome. 

Animal Planet has already released 4 episodes this year on how they found the puppies to participate in this year's Puppy Bowl. It's a great cause, and cuteness overload all wrapped up in a series. Check it out here!

This handy guide from Pet Place also gives you a lot of background on the Puppy Bowl!

Football Players Love their Dogs Too

When they aren't dazzling us with their fantastic moves on the field, some of our favorite players go home to their families, which include their dogs. Some have their own Insta account, like these VIPooches:


This article from US Weekly Magazine wrote a story about all of the NFL players with their pets. We were especially excited to see some of our favorite Kansas City Chiefs players: Patrick Mahomes', Travis Kelce's dogs and Juju Smith Shuster's doggos. (There are other players in here too!)


No matter how the game turns out, the commercials are an added bonus making it worth the time to watch. According to Ad Age, this year’s television host network is charging nearly $7 million for a 30-second spot. That's an increase from last year's $6.5 million for a 30-second ad. This investment means top brands pull out all the stops for expensive, buzz-worthy commercials complete with celebrities, pets, special effects, and great causes.

Here are the ones to look for, if you are hoping for a dog cameo in 2023:

UPDATE: This was released 2 days before the official debut and it is a fantastic dog commercial that gives you all the feels. Just what we need when it comes to our DOGS. Kudos to Farmers Dog for this lovely commercial that might make you reach for a tissue when you see it. It was released on the Today Show: 


According to USA Today, this was the #1 Commercial aired during Sunday's big game. Way to go #FarmersDog!

Amazon's "Saving Sawyer" was the third most popular commercial aired during the game. 


We were concerned for a while, thinking Sawyer might have to be rehomed. To everyone's relief, we were glad to see that Sawyer got a friend to play with to cure the loneliness he was feeling.

The French Bulldog of Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Taylor and his wife steal the show in this adorable Bud Light commercial about making your time matter, even during times of inconvenience.


This ad came in at #6 as the favorite commercial of those who ranked them. 

Another ad you will see this year is surprisingly familiar, where an animal shelter advocate spoofs herself for Busch Beer. Many of us will recognize the commercial she's spoofing. 



As far as we know at this time, those are the only dog cameo commercials in this year's game. Here's hoping for more DOG commercials next year!

Top Dog COMMERCIALS from the past

We thought we would take this opportunity to highlight some of our favorite dog-themed commercials from previous super football Sunday games. This commercial debuted in 2019 when Avocados from Mexico released its "Top Dog" commercial. It put a spin on traditional dog shows, which we loved. But also further reinstated the myth about how some of us start to look like our dogs. Here's a look:


And of course, we always loved the Budweiser commercials. The 2014 version of the commercial features two #BestBuds whowere a Golden Retriever puppy and a Clydesdale horse. It takes place at a Puppy Adoption center, and the puppy gets adopted. We loved the double entendre: best friends or "buds," but also Buds as in the Budweiser beer. The horse and puppy did not want to be apart and keep trying to find each other. It gave us all the feels. So many unanswered questions with this commercial. Did the humans start dating and so the #BestBuds were always together? We will never know.


"Lost Dog" was a beautiful commercial spot in 2015 by Budweiser. It featured the Budweiser Puppies and Clydesdales. They were trying to find that adorable little Golden Retriever puppy who was lost. And what's this? A wolf is going to get the puppy? And who comes to the rescue? The Budweiser Clydesdales. Lots of drama packed in 2 minutes of expensive air time. The result: one of the best commercials of all time!


Animals have always played a role in the biggest advertising wins during the big game. Some stand the test of time. USA Today recently released a list of the Top 25 animal commercials from the past 25 years. There are some classics. While you may not remember who won all of the games over those years, you might remember some of these commercials featuring animals. How many do you recognize?

Which commercials will be the most talked-about this year? Time will tell.

No matter how you do it, celebrate Sunday's game with your fur-baby. They always score touchdowns with the love and companionship they give us. Enjoy and have fun! And, of course, Go Chiefs!

UPDATE: The Chiefs WON! And we, along with about a million people in the city celebrated with our family, friends and DOGS! Here are a few fantastic images from the parade day. Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs!


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