Top 10 Best Dog Christmas Gift Ideas in 2023

November 28, 2023

If you are getting ready for the holidays, you may be putting together a list of gifts to get your family and friends this season. Of course, you wouldn’t forget your fur-baby during the holidays. Don't worry, you aren't alone as a majority of us will spend big bucks on our dogs at home. Just how much? We went to the experts to find out.

Every year, we spend more on our pets. Of course, there are more pets in our homes than ever before. According to the  American Pet Products Association, pet ownership has grown tremendously in the US. The first year they did a survey, 56% of the U.S. households owned a pet. In 2023, 67.3% of U.S. households own at least one pet. The majority are dog owners, which are now in 69 million households.  The organization estimates pet owners will collectively spend over $109.6 billion on our pets this year. Yes, that number is correct: billion with a B! Think that sounds like too much? Well, in 2020 we spent $103.6 Billion on our pets in ACTUAL dollars. It makes sense this number will continue to grow. 

The survey has shown 95% of pet owners are going to get their pet something for Christmas. Most pet owners will spend at least $36 on their pet, while some will spend well over $100. To help make your pet shopping easier, here are 10 products and items to get your pet. These are some finds our pet-loving staff has discovered on our own. They are in no particular order, just one convenient list to help you get started with your holiday pet shopping.

Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the dog list is here!

Dog Christmas top 10

1.Glyde™ Mobility Chews

US-Glyde-60ct-120ct-2018-with-chews-700We started with Glyde because it is a meaningful gift important for your dog's joint health. We have a lot more ideas for fun gifts, but if you consider the cost of your dog's health, you can see how it is just pennies a day to maintain an active dog. Check out this graphic on how Glyde is money invested wisely in your dog's health! Sadly, 80% of dogs will get arthritis by age 8, and some dogs will be much younger than that (20% are diagnosed by age 1!). Glyde is a natural joint supplement that combats the signs of arthritis. What makes Glyde different is the proven levels of ingredients such as New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (GLM), Glucosamine and Chondroitin. GLM has many health benefits but it is most notably effective as an anti-inflammatory for joints. If you have a dog, you know how they love to be active and the cost of protecting their joints is not that big when you break it down. If it's only the best for your dog, you’ll want the best joint supplement with proven levels of ingredients in Glyde. Plus, you probably will give your dog some dog treats for Christmas. Glyde is NOT a dog treat! But it's so yummy and good for them, they might think it is! 


2. Special Holiday Clothes

Christmas outfits on dogs

Let's face it: we love to dress our dogs in silly outfits. It makes us smile. Now, some are more extreme than others, but you can definitely find the outfit of your liking for your furbaby. Add a tasty treat for your dog when they put on the outfit, and it's a win/win. Be sure to have your camera close by when you get them in the outfits. If your dog is like mine, you have to be quick! Check out those images of the pooches all decked out for the holidays.

3. Maze Feeding Bowl

If your dog is like mine, they can’t eat their food fast enough. Dogs, especially puppies, learned to fight for their food and eat as quickly as possible while they were with their mom and their siblings during nursing. However, as they age, eating fast can cause a variety of issues including vomiting and bloat. Plus, dogs that eat fast can eventually have weight problems. The goal is to slow down their eating, filling them up in a better way. Enter the dog maze bowl. This pattern makes them work to get every morsel out of their dog dish. Find your perfect dog maze bowl.

4. Paw Washers

Winter is the perfect time of year for muddy paws to enter our lives. How do you clean them? There is a relatively new way to do it: the paw washer. What we like about them is the fact you don't have to put your dog in the sink or tub, just plunge a paw in the special paw washer. As there is a big variety, we suggest getting ones that fit the size of your dog and then the cost. This item is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online or at your favorite big-box retailer. Fluent Woof did research on the best Dog Paw Washers, complete with reviews!

5. Pet Trackers & GPS Collars

Why rely on your neighbors to help you find your dog when you can rely on your phone in real-time? Plus, pet trackers have come a long way to be more affordable. There are some that use GPS and others that use Bluetooth. Be sure you check the distance in its range. Some trackers have an alert you can turn on if your pet gets out of a safe zone, like a fenced-in yard. Others have smaller alert zones and are more for if your pet is lost somewhere in the house. PC Magazine did a review on the best pet trackers and collars.

6. Subscription service

There are all sorts of subscription services out there. There is even a subscription service that will find a subscription service FOR YOU! So once you have your favorite subscription service, you may think about getting one for your dog too. You can shower them with toys, goodies and more. Did you know you could also give them a subscription that is healthy? When you subscribe to Glyde Mobility Chews, you are giving your dog joint protection all year long. Simply add a Glyde subscription to your cart and renew as often as you want: every 30 days, 60 days or even 120 days apart. This is a great gift for dogs because Glyde helps keep your dog active and youthful!

7. Harness or collar

There are collars and harnesses in every style and color. For functionality, if you have a larger dog, get a harness with a handle on the back. This makes it easier to grab them, should they start to pull away. Another tip for walking your dog is if your harness has an attachment for the leash on the back AND the front. If you have a larger dog, they can easily pull you if you attach the leash to the back. A quick adjustment to put the leash on the front and you find they can't pull as easily. This has been a great addition to this dog walker's harness portfolio! Purchase harnesses and collars at your favorite retail location or online. 

8. New Dog Beds

If your dog has laid on a dog bed so much they may as well be laying on the ground, it's time to replace your dog bed. It's a good idea to get new dog beds every 2 years at least, so they have support for your dog. This is the perfect time of year to get a new dog bed. There are many to choose from! You can get the high-end dog beds that cost $100-$300 or ones that are less expensive at your local big box store, costing only $30-$50. Dog beds have been made to do much more than just a place to plop down. Ideally, the dog bed of choice will look good AND provide your dog support and comfort. You can get your dog a calming bed that is a big circle cushion. Some dog beds are elevated, to keep your dog off the floor. A nice cushiony dog bed helps with achy joints for dogs of all ages. We loved this article from The Strategist that reviewed dog beds based on the size of the dog, age and sleeping habits. 

9. Puzzle Toys & Mats

Squeaky toys can only go so far. Dogs love the idea of hunting for their treats. Enter adorable puzzle toys where dogs get the opportunity to grab squirrels out of the trunk or aliens out of the spaceship. They all make interesting squeaks, to the delight of your dog. There are some on every level, from easy to difficult to solve. There are also puzzle mats where you can stick treats in different pockets for your dog can forage for them. The Spruce Pets reviewed the best Dog Puzzle toys for your dog!

10. Pet Cameras

There are a variety of ways to see what your pets are up to when you aren’t there. Depending on your budget, you can have a simple camera to tune in and see what your dogs are doing. Or you can get a higher-end camera that allows you to do 2-way talking to your dog and dispense treats for them. Simply set up the camera, install the system’s app on your smartphone, and enjoy communicating with your pet. This group did the work of trying out several pet cameras at a variety of price ranges.

What Else?

No matter what you get your fur-baby for the holidays, take time to enjoy the gift of their time and be grateful for the memories they provide. What are you getting your pets this holiday season? Let us know in the comments of our social media accounts. Enjoy the holiday season and your pets too! 

 Give the gift of healthy joints