Vet Mom Sees Glyde Difference

October 22, 2019

It is always wonderful to hear from our Veterinarian community as they are in the front lines of caring for our canine family members. Here's a story which shows us a beautiful Great Dane with arthritis issues. As we have Australian roots, our Aussie friends know a lot about us. Veterinarian and dog mom, Dr. Kellie Thomas, has said she proudly has recommended Glyde™ Mobility Chews for her clients for many reasons. The biggest one is the fact it works so well for her own dog. Dr. Kellie tells us her thoughts on Glyde, and how it helped her own #GlydeDog, Walt.  

“I have a gorgeous 13-year-old Great Dane with severe osteoarthritis. He is currently on [prescription] injections and a prescription joint disease diet. We give him massage therapy and has been on and off anti-inflammatory medications over the years. We recently participated in the Glyde trial and I did feel that I could see some improvement in his mobility, pain levels, and demeanor during this time.

Having recently run out of chews, I am definitely seeing that he is less mobile and seems more painful. While the improvement was more gradual and perhaps not so easy to appreciate, seeing his decline since coming off the chews has been quite remarkable.

I have tried him on a number of supplements in the past. What I really liked about the Glyde is that they are available in chews, and he seemed to really enjoy having these as a daily treats. Whereas in the past I have struggled with palatability (taste).

“As a veterinarian, I will continue to recommend Glyde chews to my clients for their efficacy, convenience, and palatability. To me, they are a market leader. I will definitely use Glyde chews for my precious boy.”

Here is a picture of my gorgeous old boy. Naturally, it doesn't do him justice!


 - Dr. Kellie Thomas


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