What is a Hot Spot?

October 13, 2017

dogincone.jpgHot spots can be considered one of those great unknowns. How did this happen to our fur-baby?  Most of us discover it due to necessity: our dog or cat has it, and now we are finding out what it is and how to treat it. Hot spots happen more often than you might think.

In the simplest terms, it is a skin irritation. The skin broke, causing an opening for bacteria to get in, which caused an infection. Or maybe there is an allergic reaction to something your pet got into. Whatever it is, it bothered your pet enough to lick its fur so much that it becomes a scab or a sore on their skin. When you see it to the point that there is scabbing and swelling, it is a hot spot that will require treatment as they rarely heal on their own.

How do you treat the hot spot?

To heal the skin properly, the hot spot needs to be kept clean, treated with an anti-bacterial cream and somehow your fur-baby needs to stop licking it. But how do you prevent the pet from licking the wound? A popular choice is the Elizabethan collar, a cone-shaped device that fits around the pet’s neck to prevent them from licking. More commonly referred to as the “cone of shame,” it limits range of motion for their neck, making it nearly impossible to lick the infected area. This is also used for surgeries to be sure the pet doesn’t lick the wounds.

If you are treating at home, here are some great tips from Web MD. Hot Spots come and go once they arrive, so do not be concerned if they do not go away completely. But of course, if home remedies are not working, then be sure to visit the veterinarian.