What to Look for in Joint Supplements for Dogs

March 21, 2023

What to look for in joint supplements

It's incredible to think that dogs can start experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA) as early as 1 year old. The Vet Times reports that this degenerative joint condition affects 20% of adult dogs and a staggering 80% of senior dogs. Early treatment is crucial to minimize discomfort and the visible signs of pain that can significantly impact your beloved fur-baby's daily life. Thankfully, there are natural solutions in the form of nutritional supplements that can help reduce joint inflammation, promote joint health, and enhance cartilage development. These supplements can keep your dog active, vibrant, and youthful for longer periods.

When looking for the best arthritis supplement for dogs and your fur baby, here are some things to keep in mind:

Key Ingredients

The first thing to understand is the active ingredients in what you are purchasing.  Are they at the levels that they should be? The best joint supplement for dogs with arthritis contains a few key active ingredients that are proven to support joint health. There has been much research on Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Green Lipped Mussel. These ingredients have been proven in humans and dogs alike to combat the signs of arthritis. Product ingredients should include things you can pronounce, are all-natural and with no artificial ingredients, flavoring or additives.

This would be true when you select Glyde™ Mobility Chews. It is also one of the reasons Glyde is often recommended by veterinarians. Glyde’s formulation has gluten-free, all-natural ingredients to promote joint health and normal cartilage development. They have proven levels of glucosamine and chondroitin and that help maintain normal joint function. Glyde’s formula also contains New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, the only natural source of ETA, which is a potent Omega-3 fatty acid, that helps relieve joint stiffness and while maintaining youthful mobility.

Dosing Instructions

Dog arthritis supplements should have clear dosage directions on the bottle. This means that based on the weight of your dog, you will know how much to give them. Some have the description of “up to 15 pounds.” for small dogs. It seems reasonable until you associate the pounds with a breed and ask yourself:

“Would we give the same amount to our Chihuahua as we would to our Miniature Schnauzer?”

Similarly, some products have language such as “for over 60 pounds, give 1 – 2 pills/tablets.” But which is it: 1 or 2? Again, attaching breeds to it, you ask yourself:

"Do we really think our 60-pound Border Collie should get the same amount of this supplement as our neighbor’s 155-pound Great Dane?"

With the dosing chart clearly marked on all Glyde bottles, you know that you are giving each pet the precise amount of nutrients they need.

Pill or Chew?

When it comes to choosing nutritional supplements for your dog, there are various options to consider. One important factor to think about is whether you would prefer to give your furry friend a hard pill, capsule, or a soft chew. While pills and capsules may initially seem like the more affordable choice, it's essential to take into account the additional cost of trying to mask the unappealing taste of these products by purchasing pill pockets or other flavor enhancers.

While the idea of using pill pockets may seem convenient, it's important to note that these can add up in cost over time. Additionally, some dogs may be able to detect the pill within the pocket and may refuse to consume it. This can lead to frustration for both you and your dog, as well as wasted money on unused supplements.

On the other hand, opting for a nutritional supplement in the form of a soft chew can provide a more enjoyable experience for your dog. Most dogs view chews as treats, making it easier for them to consume the supplement without any resistance. This not only saves you the hassle of trying to hide the taste of the supplement but also ensures that your dog receives the full benefits of the product.

Glyde Mobility Chews, for example, are available as soft chews that dogs find delicious. These heart-shaped chews are not only easier for dogs to consume, but they can also be cut or broken in two, making it simple to provide the correct dosage based on your dog's weight and breed. By choosing a chew instead of a pill or capsule, you can guarantee that your dog will eagerly look forward to their daily supplement, making the entire experience much more enjoyable for both of you.

So, when deciding on the best nutritional supplement for your dog, consider not only the effectiveness of the ingredients but also the form in which the supplement is available. Opting for a tasty and convenient soft chew, like Glyde Mobility Chews, can make a world of difference in your dog's overall experience and ensure they receive the joint support they need.

If you find something available in a chew, it is better for you and for the dog. Most dogs think it’s a treat. You will feel better knowing this treat is actually good for them.

Glyde comes as a chew. Most dogs think it’s a treat. The added bonus of Glyde is they come in heart-shaped size, making it easier to cut or break it in two.  It helps make sure you are giving the right amount for their weight and the right amount for the size of their mouths, depending on the breed of dog you have.

Taste Test

Think of your dog and how it tastes to them, not to you. If you choose a product that is in pill or tablet, you may have to trick your dog to get them to eat it. This is probably because it tastes awful. Most of us would prefer to give our beloved dogs something they would enjoy.

Have you heard of the mom’s trick of hiding vegetables in food for kids to get them to eat their vitamins and vegetables? This would be the same thing. The difference is your dog will love the taste of Glyde Mobility Chews so much that they will think it’s a treat! And more good news: it’s really good for them!

Smell Test

Well, most might not think something for a dog smells particularly good. However, if you are used to giving your pet different treats or food, you are familiar with the smell. Some bottles of joint health supplements smell really bad.

Glyde Mobility Chews have a fish-like smell from the Green Lipped Mussel (GLM). Because it contains only all-natural ingredients, the smell is more traditional for them as a treat, rather than the chalky, medicine-like smell of other products.

The Glyde Difference

Hopefully, this gives you helpful information when making the choice that is best for your dog. If your fur-baby is at risk for OA, the best thing to do is to start treatment as early as possible. Just as in people,  arthritis symptoms in dogs cannot be cured, but they can be relieved. It can’t be avoided with age, but it can be prevented for a longer period of time.  

With the revolutionary formula found in Glyde Mobility Chews, it is an easy choice. Your dog will think it’s a treat because it tastes and smells yummy. But you will know the truth: it’s not a treat as it packs powerful nutrients that promote joint health and cartilage development to keep your fur-baby active and youthful! Kind of like putting spinach in meatballs, don’t you think?

And the best part is the fact it is a win/win for dogs and dog-lovers alike!

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