Short Insemination Intervals and Longer VWPs Help reach 35% Preg Rate

Dec 14, 2021

mySYNCH by Parnell has grown to a community of over 1.4 million dairy cows across the U.S.! 

We have analyzed the latest data to publish our 3rd mySYNCH Fertility Report. The Top 10% of mySYNCH herds by Pregnancy Rate achieve a 35% Pregnancy Rate and are far outpacing the average herds. Additionally, since our last report, there have been some new changes in the practices of the top herds. 

mySYNCH Infographic_Dec 2021_V1

Download a PDF version of the mySYNCH Fertility Report

There have been two considerable changes to the last report, a decrease in the Insemination Interval and an increase in the Voluntary Waiting Period (VWP). 

In the last six months, the Top 10% of mySYNCH herds by pregnancy rate have decreased the Insemination Interval of their herds by an average of a half-day. When cows are open on their herds, they are getting them re-enrolled in re-synch programs and bred quicker than the average mySYNCH herds. 

Additionally, the VWP has increased yet again. In both first and second lactation cows, the average VWP in the top herds increased to a full 70 days as opposed to 64 days in average herds. The gap in the VWPs has been the largest since the inception of the mySYNCH Fertility Report. 

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