Chuck Runs Better on Glyde

3/02/20 2:55 PM

Big dogs are beautiful, but they often get arthritis earlier in life. Chuck is a large mixed breed Bull Arab, which means he is more likely to develop osteoarthritis or arthritis in dogs. Glyde helps dogs like Chuck. According to Dominique, his dog Chuck would start getting more stiff, even though he was still young. While a majority of dogs have joint problems by the age of 8, some dogs like Chuck will have it at a much earlier age. Surprisingly, 20% of dogs will have arthritis by age 2. 

We were delighted to see this beautiful image of Chuck and hear how Glyde© Mobility Chews made running on the beach much more comfortable for him. Here's what Dominique said about Chuck and how he is a #GlydeDog. 

Big dogs get arthritis sooner


"Chuck is a 2-year-old bull Arab X that loves to run, especially at the dog park. At night time, especially when it's cold, he would get quite stiff and ginger, especially on his back legs. As a large dog, he is predisposed to developing osteoarthritis but I didn't want to stop him from having fun! I've definitely noticed a difference with Glyde! He is not stiff even after a full day running at the beach."

— Dominique

Keep Your Dog Youthful with Glyde


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