Cooper’s Hips Better on Glyde

31/05/22 11:47 PM

Here is a great story from Jakki about her adorable Labrador Retriever, Cooper. It seems Cooper has been suffering from hip dysplasia (HD) and they were dealing with extreme mobility issues. This is typical of Labrador Retrievers. In fact, Parnell recently highlighted this breed as a high-risk arthritis breed. Here’s the story they shared about their journey to better mobility with Glyde® Mobility Chews and now they are a #GlydeDog.

“Cooper is a 5.5-year old Labrador, who we adopted at 9-months of age. It was clear he had hip issues and X-rays revealed HD, early stages of bones changes in the right hip already. Since 2 years of age, he has been on mobility diets, and various supplements.

The past 6 months or so, he has been on Glyde chews. He is also undergoing rehab with a student studying the course. He is kept lean (28kg) and exercises every day. In the past 6 months his energy levels have greatly increased, he is now able to jump up more, and loves just being a lab!

He has his sore days (usually after too much fun the day before), but in general we are thrilled with his progress. He is certainly so much more comfortable. Thank you, Glyde chews!”

 -- Jakki


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