Glyde Gives the Zoomies to Wilson

6/8/19, 2:43 pm

Here is a great story from Natasha about her adorable greyhound, Wilson. Greyhounds are tall, slender and graceful creatures and very fast. According to the breed experts, the greyhound is a gentle and intelligent breed and hold a unique combination of long, powerful legs, deep chest and slim build. This allows greyhounds like Wilson to reach an average race speeds exceeding 64 kilometres per hour. All this running during the greyhound’s life can add some stress to joints, including the knee and elbow dysplasia, which can turn into osteoarthritis in the joints.

Here’s what Wilson’s mum, Natasha did to help her precious fur-baby feel better and get back to zooming again. We are pleased she found Glyde® Mobility Chews. 

Here’s the note that Natasha sent to us about her #GlydeDog Wilson!

Wilson the Greyhound on Glyde Mobility Chews


“Wilson is my 6-year-old retired greyhound, Wilson. I have been using the Glyde chews for about a month now and have noticed a massive difference. Before, especially in colder weather, Wilson took a bit longer to get out of bed and didn’t want to play as much with his two sisters. But since being on the Glyde he’s playing a lot more and doing zoomies again. I highly recommend this product.”

— Natasha

If you aren't sure what the zoomies are, see how Sadie improved with her zoomies!



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