#GlydeDogs are #ActiveDogs!

27/04/21 10:42 PM

April is Active Dog Month, and we have been celebrating by showcasing tips on how to keep your dog active. Dogs are naturally active creatures, so we all need to do our part to be sure they stay active for as long as possible. We loved hearing about the adorable Humphrey. He’s a small dog, who needed a top-quality joint supplement in order to keep its mobility as they age. Surprisingly, this little #GlydeDog is 13 and still going strong. We are pleased Brodie found Glyde for Humphrey!

Here’s what Brodie said:

“Humphrey is a Maltese Shih Tzu mix that is 13 years. He tried the powder about a year ago and he loved it! Unfortunately, he had to have a strict diet change due to hepatitis for a while. What’s been great is that he has been able to start back on Glyde without causing any stomach upsets.

He has recently started on the Glyde chew and waits by the cupboard every morning waiting for his morning treat! This is great because he is so suspicious of everything being some kind of hidden medicine!

We just recently went to his favourite place to holiday and he was loving his time at the beach! He even went and was running the sand dunes as he used to when he was a few years younger.”

Brodie, Humphrey's pet parent


While any dog can have joint problems, often we do not think little dogs do. However, joint issues can happen to small dogs too. For smaller dogs, often they have knee issues or patellar luxation. Just like in larger dogs, ther is joint pain and swelling, which can lead to less mobility and activity. Of course, our dogs can't tell us where it hurts. You have to look for clues such as a reluctance to play, go outside or climb stairs. Keep your eyes open for messages your dog is trying to tell you! And, while you cannot avoid joint disease, you CAN work on your dog’s preventative health and use some early intervention to help keep those joints healthy and moble by adding Glyde© Mobility Chews for dogs.

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