It's a Wrap: Glyde Highlights of 2020

29/12/20 4:30 PM

Whew! We made it through 2020. This year started like any other, but it quickly went off the rails as 2020 progressed. While it may feel like there were more lows than highs this year, the best thing about 2020 was the joy our family and our dogs brought us.

Many dogs were added to families than ever before, through adoption or a breeder. For the first time, many animal shelters have waiting lists for adopting. Most us know at least one person who added a dog to their family this year.

For Parnell Living Science, the makers of Glyde© Mobility Chews, this meant many of you joined the Glyde family for the first time this year. We welcome you and are glad you have joined the list of awesome pet parents who use Glyde for their dogs! Or, maybe you are just learning about arthritis in dogs, and we have become a resource for you. No matter the reason, we are glad you spent part of your 2020 with us. Here are the dog life highlights we shared with you over this past year!

The big news is how our lives changed when the novel coronavirus began infecting around the world and truly started changing life as we knew it. As with most companies, we learned how to work from home and be surprisingly efficient. Our readership grew as we were home more with our pets. We began the year with a little over 14,000 subscriber email addresses and now our e-newsletter list is well over 22,000 subscribers! Our blog won recognition for the third year in a row. And we continue enjoying sharing information and news you can use about our adorable fur-babies. 

Here are the highlights we hope you saw. Did you miss any? Here's your chance to catch up with what we consider to be our highlights of 2020.


As a dog health company specializing in helping dogs live happy, healthy lives, we write a lot about how to celebrate our dogs. Here are the top posts you read as we about our dogs in our Pet Health blog! Let's count down Letterman-style the most popular posts you read most from us!

5. As we navigated with a new normal, number 5 began with answering as many questions as we were asked regarding COVID-19 and your dog: "We're All in This Together: COVID-19 & Your Dog."

4. We all look for ways to celebrate our dogs, especially during birthdays, which is why our fourth most popular blog post is: "10 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday."

3. Pet health is important to our readers, which we saw with the third most popular blog post: "Hot Weather Safety Tips Every Dog Parent Should Know."

2. Many of you tried to pinpoint the pain of your dog by reading: "How to Tell if Your Dog is in Pain." 

1. There was an interesting update to the age-old theory dogs age one year for every seven years. The study was released, and we helped break it down. Our most read blog post of 2020 was, "How Old is My Dog? A New Study Update.

Top Breed Blog Posts of 2020

Last year, we began highlighting different dog breeds we love. Of course, most of the top dog breeds have risk factors for arthritis. Our breed-focused blog posts outline why we love these dogs, why so many of us love them and how to keep them healthy. Here are the top 5 dog breeds you read about!

5. Bernese Mountain Dogs

This is no surprise these dogs made the list. As giant breed dogs, they are big hearted and there is lots to love. 

Feature Image of Bernese

4. Bulldogs

We learned a lot about this breed, including the fact they were selected as the breed of choice during Easter, as a popular chocolatier used them in their commercials. 

JJ bulldog blog post (2)

3. Poodles

Lots of love for all this hair and they remain one of the top dog breeds out there!

White Minature Poodle

2. German Shepherds

Smart, obedient and full of love, the GSD is often feared. Those who are lucky enough to have one, know what a great dog they really are. 

Main GSD image

1. Golden Retrievers

The top spot goes to one of the top dog breeds out there: the Golden Retriever!

Golden Retrievers Need Glyde

#6 Best Pet HEalth Blog


For the third year in a row, Parnell Living Science made the list on Feedspot’s Top 20 Pet Health Blogs to Follow in 2020.” Parnell's Pet Health Blog was named #6 on a list with 20 total excellent blogs to follow. Feedspot, a ranking service researching top-read blogs, “ranked the Best Pet Health Blogs from thousands of Pet Health blogs on the web using search and social metrics.” The site encouraged people interested in Pet Health to subscribe to these websites because they are “actively working to educate, inspire and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.” Thank you, Feedspot for continuing to keep us on the list!

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Welcome 2021

We are excited to welcome 2021 and the potential it holds. If you are like us, you enjoy your dogs and your families and hold them close. Keep reading as we add more information every month to our blog. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter and get it delivered to your in box, if you do not already. The sign up form is below in the bottom of every page!

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