Lexie Happier with Glyde

14/07/20 4:27 PM

As we are celebrating Collies this month, it is appropriate to share this wonderful note we received from Vicki, Lexie’s mum. Lexie the Border Collie had been slowing down after a very active life. They tried different formulas to get her back to herself again, with some progress. It took time, trials and patience. Now with Glyde, they saw her return to her old self. We loved hearing how Lexie is a #GlydeDog. But most of all, we loved hearing how Lexie seems to be "happier with life" thanks to treatments and Glyde® Mobility Chews. Check out Lexie and her fur-brother, Frankie and read their story.

Lexie the border collie is happy

“Lexie is a 14-year-old Border Collie who has lived on a farm all her life. In the last few years, she has been slowing down to the point that she has to be lifted onto the farm vehicles even when the step is relatively close to the ground. When on beach walks, she leaves a line in the sand where she drags her affected leg but now leaves a very faint impression in the sand.

She was diagnosed with arthritis in her back left leg. To help with arthritis, Lexie has been on an oral [NSAID] and the occasional [NSAID] injections. We also tried [a competitor’s joint supplement] with no improvement.

I started Lexie on Glyde Mobility Chews about 3 months ago gradually noting her progress. She seems happier now and even bunny hops to her kennel at night whereas prior to Glyde she was very slow and not happy with life. There is a big change in her demeanour. She seems to be happier with life.”

— Vicki, Lexi’s Mum


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