Lucy is Youthful Again with Glyde

16/12/19 7:32 PM

Here is a great note we received from Kelly about her beautiful dog, Lucy. Being a mix of two large breeds, arthritis in Lucy's joints was a given. With large breed dogs, they more easily get joint issues. Kelly was not having it for her dog. She sought out a product that tasted great and would help her dog be more active. She found Glyde® Mobility Chews. Here is the story she sent about her #GlydeDog!


Lucy too AU

"My 10-year-old Mastiff x Rottie, Lucy, was limping and not wanting to move around so much so, she would sleep most of the day. After 1 bottle of Glyde Chews, she is running around in the backyard again and playing with the other dog! She seems much happier in herself and isn’t depressed anymore."

— Kelly


Keep Your Dog Youthful with Glyde


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