Rum Running on Glyde

15/7/19, 4:57 pm

This story comes to us from Kelsie from New South Wales about her dog. Rum is a typical Labrador Retriever, which often means joint problems as they age. Here is the story they told us about how Glyde® Mobility Chews have helped their family. We are glad to hear how Rum is a #GlydeDog!

“Rum is a 10-year-old Labrador, he has quite bad arthritis in his elbows, hips and spine. We started using Glyde recently and have noticed a difference in his movement, he seems to be less stiff when getting up and moving around. I will continue to use Glyde chews for him long term. He also loves eating them in his kibble without any fuss.”

— Kelsie


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