Rumble's Tumbles

18/06/19 5:14 PM

We were delighted to receive this story from Gina about her beloved dog, Rumble. It seems he's had a history of accidents, which led them to mobility issues at a young age. After going through rounds of injections to ease some of the symptoms, we are thrilled that Glyde® Mobility Chews is making a difference for this family. Let's hope Rumble no longer takes tumbles and continues his journey to being a happy, healthy #GlydeDog!

"Rumble is a 19 months old Bull Arab x Boxer with a history of getting himself into trouble. At 5 months of age he had a boat fall on his head (while being loaded onto a car roof) and suffered a fractured skull. He temporarily lost his sight and needed to learn to walk again.

When he was 13 months of age, we discovered he had panosteitis in one of his front legs and also had hip dysplasia in one hip. It was at this time that we started him on medical injections (this seemed to help).

After learning about Glyde Mobility Chews some time ago, we decided to give it a go as it was more cost effective and easier to dispense to a 30-kg dog. Since changing him over to Glyde he has not gone backward at all, he is no longer on injections and we are happy to continue using Glyde.

I am also looking forward to trying the Glyde powder on my 11-year-old Maltese cross as he needs mobility help too." 

— Gina

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