Rusty Gets Relief from Glyde

19/08/19 4:45 PM

Janette wrote to us recently about her adorable dog, Rusty. Australian Kelpies are natural herding dogs and very active in their youth. The breed originated from Collie type dogs imported from Scotland. When they arrived in Australia, they were bred to withstand the heat and dry conditions of Australia.

Rusty is a big part of Janette’s family. She shared with us her story on how the help of Glyde® Mobility Chews improved Rusty’s mobility. She is perking up and moving around more and more! Here’s what Janette said about her #GlydeDog, Rusty!

"My elderly 14-year-old Kelpie, Rusty, has almost finished her second pot of Glyde chews. Before Glyde she struggled to rise and was on regular pain relief to help keep her comfortable. Since being on the Glyde chews her mobility has improved and I have seen changes her ability to rise after sleeping. A big bonus is that Rusty absolutely loves the Glyde chews. Thank you, Glyde!"

— Janette



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