Staffy Stiff No More

24/06/19 2:03 PM

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Sara told us about her adorable Staffy mix, who was experiencing such extreme stiffness, she would cry. Sara knew she had to do something to help improve the effects of arthritis in her dog. Simba is a unique fur-baby because she was verbal in telling her mum about her joint issues. So often we hear from pet parents who didn’t realise their dogs were suffering until they saw the difference of their dog's mobility after trying Glyde® Mobility Chews. We are pleased this family has seen the benefits of being a #GlydeDog. Here is their story. 

“Simba is a 10-year-old Staffy x lab who was starting to get stiff and sore to the point where she was crying in the morning and on anti-inflammatories every day. Since starting Glyde Mobility Chews about a year ago, Simba has completely changed! No more crying! She moves a lot more freely and is jumping on and off the bed now. Our family is very happy!”

— Sara

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